Seeking Brother Husband couple Elisa and Mike stumbled upon the polyamory lifestyle after Elisa cheated on Mike while on a night out — but are they still together and making it work? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Elisa and Mike’s current relationship status. 

How Did Seeking Brother Husband’s Elisa and Mike Get Into Polyandry?

During the season premiere on March 26, 2023, Elisa revealed she cheated on Mike shortly into their relationship while out line dancing. While it wasn’t because she was “unhappy,” she added that it was an “intense connection.” 

Seeking Brother Husband Are Elisa and Mike Still Together 2

“That’s what is so hard. Like, why do I feel this way about this other person, if our relationship is so good?” she told Mike in another scene. “I didn’t know at the time, that we can have a great relationship and I can still like somebody else.” 

How Does ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Star Mike Feel About Elisa’s Multiple Partners?

While it was a “rocky path” to their new lifestyle, after reading various psychology books, he was open to the idea of Elisa having multiple partners. 

“I had to ask myself a lot of questions, ‘Do I wanna stay with her to pursue multiple partners?’” he explained. “Or do I wanna break up with her? Decided to stay with her and grow from there.” 

Mike has since revealed that he is potentially interested in dating other women, making him and Elisa a polyamorous couple rather than a polyandrous pair.

How Does ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Star Mike’s Family Feel About Elisa Having Multiple Partners?

Mike’s mom, Lisa, made it clear that she’s not a fan of her son and Elisa’s arrangement in a teaser clip for the April 16 episode shared by Entertainment Tonight.

After Lisa admitted she was “very concerned,” she added that she believes Elisa having multiple partners is just “justified cheating.”

“As long as it’s consensual and all parties are in agreement and happy, why is that wrong?” Elisa said in response to her mother-in-law’s concerns. “Why do we have to limit ourselves to the amount of love we have in our lives?”

However, Lisa argued that Elisa can “control [herself] and not date other people” while not limiting love.

Elisa insisted that she looks for emotional connections with her multiple partners and said Lisa believes the arrangement is only about sex.

In her own confessional, Mike’s mom said she was not convinced by Elisa’s explanation. “I used to think Elisa was the right person for my son, but her having relationships outside of their marriage, I as a mom, I don’t think that’s the right thing for my son,” Lisa said.

Are Seeking Brother Husband’s Elisa and Mike Still Together?

During the season, Mike is set to be confronted by the people closest to him as they aren’t convinced he would be interested in the polyamory lifestyle if it wasn’t for him still wanting to be with ​Elisa ​despite her cheating on him. 

Despite the drama, it appears Elisa and Mike are still going strong. In a March 2023 post, she defended her and Mike’s decision to live a polyamory lifestyle. 

“More often than not, cheating is something that a couple can’t work through. But for us, it gave us the freedom to redefine what a healthy and happy relationship looks like,” she wrote in the caption. “Since then, we got married and we’ve been together for almost 8 years! There is no ‘right way’ to love.” 

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