Going strong? Seeking Brother Husband fans were introduced to Kenya Stevens and her two husbands Carl Stevens Jr. and Tiger Moonstone during the series premiere. Keep scrolling to learn about their relationship, find out if they’re still together and more.

How Long Has ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Star Kenya Been With Carl and Tiger?

During the season premiere on March 26, 2023, Kenya explained that she and her first husband, Carl, decided that she would have multiple partners because she “had met and fallen for another guy.”

“I came back and reported that to Carl,” she recalled.

After two years of discussing the idea, Kenya and Carl agreed that she could find another husband to add to their family.

She later met Tiger at a Halloween party, where they hit it off while dancing.

“I’m super multifaceted. It feels like Carl fits one part of who I am. Philosophical and spiritual and we have these deep conversations,” Kenya explained. “And then the other part is like thrill-seeking, excitement, traveling. And that’s who Tiger fits. But I’m both of those people in one body, so I like to have those multiple partnerships.”

Carl explained that they “all support each other,” while Tiger noted “it’s a benefit to have another person” that you can “relate to” and “trust” instead of having your partner cheat on you and lie.

How Do ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Stars Carl and Tiger Feel About Kenya Looking For a Third Husband?

Tiger admitted that he was hesitant about Kenya bringing a third husband into their family because it felt like he was being “put out.”

“Right now, I’d like to pump the brakes on a new partner and let’s really kind of get on solid footing in our relationship before moving forward with a new partner,” he told cameras during the premiere.

Tiger then confronted Kenya about his desire to get married.

“The reason I want a wedding with Kenya is because I finally have gotten to the point where I want to solidify our relationship,” the TLC personality said in a confessional.

However, Kenya said she wasn’t sure about “having an actual wedding” because she believes wedding ceremonies are meant to bring families together. “I don’t sense that your parents want to do that,” she told him.

In her own confessional, Kenya explained that Tiger’s mother believes he’s having a fling with a married woman. “This is a 10-year relationship and I have changed Tiger’s life. I brought magic to his life. I brought purpose. I helped him raise his son,” she continued. “I want her to acknowledge me and acknowledge that. That is a cause for a celebration like a wedding.”

Despite her hesitations, the season’s trailer hints that Kenya and Tiger eventually exchange vows during a wedding ceremony.

Is ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Star Kenya Still With Carl and Tiger?

It appears that Kenya’s relationships with both Carl and Tiger are still going strong.

On March 14, 2023, the reality star shared a video on Instagram that explained the benefits of having brother husbands. Both Carl and Tiger were featured in the clip.

Are ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Stars Kenya, Carl and Tiger Still Together? Inside Their Relationships

Does ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Star Carl Have Another Wife?

While Kenya has two husbands, Carl seemingly has a second wife of his own.

“Me and my second wife,” he captioned a photo via Instagram on February 10, 2023, of him and a woman named Corina Naré Seku.

Meanwhile, Kenya also shared insight into Carl and Corina’s relationship in an Instagram post shared in December 2022.

“My husband’s theory is that one role of feminine energy in a masculine’s life is to provide the HOW to his WHAT… Meaning, feminine energy has access to the spiritual world and can take a masculine’s objective into meditation and come out with the exact steps to accomplish the goals,” she captioned a photo with Carl and Corina. “Of course his goals include hers! So it’s not just about accomplishing his dreams but BOTH of your dreams are always accounted!”

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