We’ll admit it, our favorite part of tuning in to Are You The One? is trying to guess the matches. Amidst all the drama, there are some potentially genuine love connections being made — but even more importantly, there’s $1,000,000 at stake for the 22 singles on this reality show. And while watching the MTV guilty pleasure requires little more on our part than to kick back and enjoy, sometimes we like to kick our brains into overdrive and try to figure out all the perfect matches before the house can. And, yeah, we’ve got the benefit of pencils, paper, calculators, and spreadsheets to plot out and keep track of everything we need to know while the cast mates just have their own brain power and (hopefully) good memories, but it still makes us feel pretty smart when we can figure something out before it’s revealed.

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 12 Recap

They did it! It was a close call, but in what seemed like the last possible minute, they made it happen. But every second of this episode was a wild ride getting there. It started on a low note with the cast coming back pretty dejected from last week’s beam ceremony. While there was only one possible answer left, the house didn’t play out their strategy far enough to find it. (And, okay, it’s a lot harder for them to do it in their heads than it is for us to do it on our spreadsheet.) Tensions are high as Ethan begs everybody to play the last five minutes of the game with an open heart and Nurys is insists that, uh, she has, she got to know everybody, and she still can’t figure out who’s supposed to be right for her. (And knowing that her match is Dimitri, hey, fair enough. We wouldn’t have guessed that either.)

They gather their spirits and somehow manage to scrounge up the dregs of their positivity for the final challenge, which they’re clearly hoping to rig. The guys get vote one of their own to be up for the date, and same with the girls. They pick Dimitri and Keyana, hoping to get Dimitri and Diandra or Michael and Keyana into the Truth Booth. Both would give them at least some of the information that they need to figure out the last pieces of the puzzle for themselves. Unfortunately, this challenge requires Keyana and Dimitri’s would-be dates to know things about them. Meaning, as Keyana says, we’re dependent on Michael to have been paying attention to Keyana for the two weeks they were together. So, basically, they’re screwed. 

Michael and Diandra are both quickly out of the running for a date after it’s revealed that Keyana likes dumb hotties more than smart uglies and Dimitri would rather date somebody with the personality of a four year old than the seriousness of a forty year old. Not really great looks for either, TBH. The dates end up being Malcolm and Keyana, which is, like, fine, and Dimitri and Jada, which is a full blown yikes considering how much they hate each other and how much everybody knows it. “Ugh. I’m jumping in the swamp,” Jada says as they all drag themselves back to the house.

dimitri and jada on 'are you the one'

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Back home, Alexis tells Keith that she’d moved to Jersey so they can be together and they both say they love each other, while inside Joe insists that Keith is only with Alexis because nobody else in the house will have sex with him. We wouldn’t put it exactly in those terms, but we don’t really disagree, either. They’re clearly wrong for each other, and not just because they’re a no match couple. After all, plenty of other no match couples have made it work. But these two have pissed each other off enough times for us to know that eventually one of them is going to legit explode. And based off the preview for this week, chances are that it’s Keith and we just have to wait a few more minutes. 

Jada, Dimitri, Keyana and Malcolm head out on their double date with Jada insisting that, actually, she’s on a date with Keyana. Malcolm is too, though, leaving Dimitri all alone to explain to the camera that he doesn’t know what an airboat is. He and Jada begrudgingly sit next to each other, though, as he jokes about pushing her in the water and she tries not to strangle him where he sits. “This is so fun with you guys,” Keyana deadpans. The house is also loving the controversy, and they vote to send them into the Truth Booth because of it. Some of them think that maybe there’s something there because of all that hate, but we’re pretty sure it’s just because the house was feeling fairly confident about Michael and Keyana, so Keyana and Malcolm would just be fully a waste. At least this way, they could get some entertainment out of it. “Dimitri, you said you need a girl who can put you in your place. Jada can put anybody here in their place,” Uche explains. 

After the third least suspenseful no match reveal of the season (Ethan and Keyana were, uh, clearly not to be — and we ruled out Dimitri and Nicole long before their date), the housemates start pairing up to really to get to the bottom of who should sit with who at the final match up ceremony, aka their last chance to win (say it with us) one million dollars. They figure out a scenario that works, except it leaves Anthony and Alexis as the leftovers who are together by default. “Everyone talk to your match a little bit to see how you feel… no sex!” Keith tells them, and everybody wanders off.

anthony and alexis on 'are you the one'

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Ethan and Zoe are kind of vibing, with Ethan thinking he’s basically won a million dollars just by getting the chance to talk to Zoe without distractions. “The matchmakers are telling me I’m good enough to get one of the best girls in the house,” he tells her, “and for you they’re telling you fuck looks.” Anybody else cringe so hard they basically turned their body inside out? Ethan needs to calm down and find his confidence independently of any girl — and other than his thinning hair, his looks are honestly pretty cute. And hey, even Prince Harry has a big old bald spot now, so like, who cares? 

Keith and Jada also seem to think they’re a pretty good match, but then for whatever reason Keith wanders off and decides to chat with Zoe and Michael, and just the sight of that alone is enough to set Alexis off. Which is wild, but also Alexis clearly has a thing where Keith and Zoe are concerned, and as soon as Alexis waved at him through the window and he didn’t go after her, he kind of should’ve known what happened. After all, that’s how she ended up making out with Joe on her date — Keith simply mentioned that he was going to set up a mini-date of his own with Zoe and Alexis lost it and decided to get revenge before she even had the chance to be wronged. She pulls the same move again, this time with Michael. “Michael is a f–king player and Keith is in love with me,” she explains. “I don’t know, I’m terrible at relationships and that’s why I’m here.”

keith and zoe on 'are you the one'

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Alexis seduces Michael which takes about 2 seconds and then he’s the one pursuing her as they go to shotgun a beer “somewhere very private.” Alexis pours her drinks over her chest and Michael aggressively starts licking and sucking it off, and suddenly they’re on top of each other. Keith gets word that they’re off alone and goes to break it up, and Alexis is, like, “Well I saved you two beers, but you were too busy talking to Zoe to drink them.” “Where are my beers?!” Keith shouts, because his brain just short-circuited and he doesn’t know how to respond appropriately anymore. The gossip spreads through the whole house, and Keith goes to ask Michael what happened. Michael lies right to his d–n face, so he goes to ask Alexis who will at least be honest with him (upon further questioning). 

Geles gets word and is like, “Wait, Michael kissed you?!” as if shocked that she somehow didn’t have Michael’s loyalty when Michael has proven himself to be the least loyal guy in the house. Even the would-be reformed player Malcolm was only stringing two girls along over the course of the season. And yet even her reaction is tame compared to Keith’s, since he decides an appropriate response is to murder Bridget, the stuffed animal Alexis has slept with since she was a baby. We get wanting revenge, and we get being drunk and worked up, but that is honestly a whole other level of crazy. And everyone else seems to think so, too. Alivia and Zoe freak out, and Jada decides to tell Alexis, who sprints to the door and starts immediately sobbing. She decides to burn one of Keith’s shoes in revenge, he fetches it out of the fire pretty much unharmed, and then tears one of her cowboy boots pretty much in half and throws her bed. Jesus.

clinton and geles on 'are you the one'

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But we don’t have anymore time for drama because now we’re at the final match up ceremony and the couples have to pair off. Geles isn’t sure if her match is Clinton or Ethan, which immediately has us questioning the strategy at play here. Through our charts, we were able to rule out Ethan and Geles weeks ago — and the fact that she thinks strategy might mean they’re together means that someone has seriously fucked something up. But she picks Clinton because that’s how she wanted to pick anyway, and we breathe a sigh of relief. Keith, however, is freaking out and “realizing” that there’s at least one other possible scenario out there, even though, spoiler alert, we know there’s not. At this point, we’re wondering if Keith is not as good at statistics as he thinks or if we’re getting some weird editing to keep us on our toes. 

Audrey and Shad pair up, with Audrey realizing that she has to stop day dreaming about the perfect guy and start appreciating the guy she has. It’s pretty clear she and Shad really do care about each other, even though it doesn’t seem like there’s anything romantic there. Ethan pairs off with Zoe and basically gets a boner over the thought of one day telling everyone that she’s his ex-girlfriend, even though we wouldn’t exactly call being a perfect match any kind of guarantee that you’ll date. When Alexis goes up, she explains to Terrence that if they lose, it’s probably her fault, because she messed up Keith’s head at the eleventh hour. And, oh yeah, that Keith burned Bridget, which has Tyler and Nicole making that shocked face the show teased on Instagram. 

“Keith is not my perfect match, because we’re both just very vengeful,” Alexis explains as if she’s just realized it for the first time. “Go for what you need, not what you want… I get it.” So she pairs off with Anthony, who strategy says is her perfect match even though we’re not convinced they’ve made eye contact once. “Anthony, meet Alexis. Alexis, meet Anthony,” Terrence jokes, but Alexis actually has a little insight into their situation. “Anthony is very loyal, [and] I feel like I need that in a person, because as soon as I feel like they don’t want me, I push them away. So I feel like it could be something… I don’t know. I don’t know!” They’re right, but we don’t really get it either.

michael and keyana on 'are you the one'

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Keyana and Michael are a perfect match, and Terrence calls Michael out on being the real player of the house, and all the girls collectively nod. Michael offers some BS explanation about how he hides his feelings to protect himself, and the girls are like, “No, you just ain’t s–t,” but whatever. Keyana seems to accept his apology. Nurys and Dimitri lock in, and so do Alivia and Malcolm, Diandra and Kareem, Uche and Joe, and Jada and Keith. And then it’s time for the beams as they sit there in suspense until the producers have decided they have enough footage of the cast looking nervous. “I think the man that’s behind the beams trying to turn them on fell asleep or something,” Tyler says, but then they flick on the tenth beam, meaning that eleventh beam is only seconds behind, and suddenly everyone is up on their feet and screaming and popping bottles of champagne and grabbing each other while Keyana shouts, “F–k you all, I was so right!!!” She was. She knew from day one.

perfect matches on 'are you the one'

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Are You The One Season 6 Matches

Finally, finally, the house found more than just one perfect match. Not only that, they found all eleven: Anthony and Alexis, Clinton and Geles, Dimitri and Nurys, Ethan and Zoe, Kareem and Diandra, Keith and Jada, Joe and Uche, Malcolm and Alivia, Michael and Keyana, Shad and Audrey, and Tyler and Nicole. Yep, they actually did it — and they officially confirmed that we didn’t screw up our math in episode 10. We know, we know, we almost couldn’t believe it either. 

ethan from season 6 of 'are you the one' celebrates his win

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Now we just have to wait for the two-part reunion special to see how these matches actually shook out, who’s still together, and who got together after filming. There’s always someone, you guys. There’s always someone. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 11 Recap

After getting just three matches right at last week’s match up ceremony, the house was pretty out of sorts. It didn’t help that they had basically no idea who those three matches were. Luckily, Shad-dubbed “King Keith” was like, “Don’t worry, guys, I’m here to save the day because I studied math and statistics in college.” He quickly narrowed his sights down to Tyler and Nicole, Dimitri and Diandra, Kareem and Nurys, and Michael and Keyana and figured they needed to get at least one of those couples into the Truth Booth. And he’s right about two of them, so so far he’s doing pretty well. Keyana is also catching on to the fact that she’s a match with Michael, and she’s like, “Yeah, hello, obviously, I told you all that in episodes one AND two, but who f–king listens to me? When you find out I’m right, everybody better drop to the ground and kiss my feet” (basically). 

Audrey, however, is not loving Keith’s swap to strategy and maintains that they need to play with their hearts. Shad also doesn’t love just listening to Keith, but I suspect that’s more to do with interpersonal tension which we saw continue throughout the ep. Michael and Geles are playing with their hearts, too, if by hearts you mean their tongues. Michael legit refers to them as Bonnie and Clyde which, I mean, okay. And then they makeout more and Geles is like, “How am I supposed to stick my tongue in your mouth when there is a cough drop in there?” Truly one of life’s greatest questions, Geles.

michael and geles on 'are you the one'

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Kareem and Diandra are further exploring their would-be-match-ness (aka confirmed match-ness, but they don’t know that yet), until all of a sudden Diandra in a confessional is like, “Remember how I’ve been saying that Kareem and I are the same person? And that I could see him being my match? I actually changed my mind and I don’t think he’s my type. I’m all about Dimitri, even though he was, well, let’s just say not nice to both Nicole and Jada.” Good move, Didi. Speaking of Jada, she was the highlight of the ep when she was like, “Hey, guys, what are we doing?” very pointedly when Michael and Geles decided to just straight-up have sex in front of everyone because the Boom Boom Room was taken by Alexis and Keith. (Which is a whole other thing that we don’t want to talk about, especially in light of the horrifying preview for next week’s episode. Poor Bridget.) 

Finally, the house got together and headed to the challenge where they played a game called “Don’t Drop The Ball” which was basically designed to make sure that they can’t really control who won a date. We assume this means the producers realized they only had one possible answer left and were like, “Oh, s–t! Okay, well they haven’t realized it yet, so how do we throw them off their game enough so that we can keep our million dollars again this year?” Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the house, Tyler did manage to win a date, so he picked Nicole to go with him and the house (finally!) voted a Perfect Match into the Truth Booth. The date, BTW, took place at a haunted mansion. We can only hope that it was the same haunted mansion they went to on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, and that somewhere out there in an alternate universe, the two shows were there are the same time in an epic crossover reality TV love fest. Oh, yeah, and the other two couples on the date were Anthony and Zoe (with Zoe looking terrified to accept) and Keith and Diandra (since Diandra hadn’t been on a date yet — which was actually a really nice gesture from Keith).

anthony and zoe on 'are you the one'

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While out, Tyler finally made his move, abruptly feeding Nicole a chocolate covered strawberry and later going in for the kiss. Anybody else feel like Tyler is fully in love with Nicole and Nicole is just kind of along for the ride? Maybe they’ll hit it off in the Honeymoon Suite, though! Who knows! The house freaked out once the Truth Booth confirmed they’re legit, Clinton and Geles also figured out they’re probably a match, even if Geles can’t manage to seduce him away from Uche. (And what happened to her thing with Michael again? Wasn’t she all about him five minutes ago?) Keith was also trying to pick out perfect matches, but he hadn’t fully thought through all the possibilities yet, so he decided to focus in on Joe and Zoe, even though we at home know that he’s wrong. Shad decided to speak up, and for whatever reason, everyone shut him down and spoke over him and wouldn’t let him explain in his own words to the best of his ability why he and Audrey are a match (and, uh, they totally are — so). But Shad and Audrey decided to give in and pair off with Alivia and Dimitri respectively with everyone involved agreeing, “This makes no sense, but I don’t want to keep arguing.” But at least Shad in a confessional managed to fire off this perfect zinger: “Does Keith live inside my heart? I don’t think so! He’s not paying rent!”

shad and audrey on 'are you the one'

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They hit the match up ceremony, and Terrence (trying to throw them off their game?) was like, “So there’s like a hundred possible ways this could still work, right?” (Wrong.) “Oh, yeah, of course,” Keith answered. (Also wrong.) We can’t help but wonder how he felt watching this back later. They got five matches, meaning they’ve got four other than Tyler and Nicole, and six they still need to figure out. Keith’s strategy was off, probably because he straight up hates Shad and didn’t want to consider that Shad was right. But he’ll have to rethink that next episode. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 11 Matches

We already figured out all 11 perfect matches thanks to last week’s Truth Booth and match up ceremony. That answer still works, with this episode’s Perfect Match and five beams illustrating our point. Now, the house has finally figured out one of those matches. And, uh, they’ve still got ten left to go. Now that they’ve (probably) eliminated Joe and Zoe in their own heads, they can focus in on Shad and Audrey. And once they’ve done that, that should (hopefully) lead them to the answer pretty quickly. Then again, the house hasn’t been thinking that strategically so far, and Keith has already messed up the strategy once, so who knows if they’ll be able to put the pieces together for themselves. Now that we know the matches, we’re just waiting to see if the house can puzzle it out — and then show us why each couple is really perfect for each other. We’ve still got a lot of questions, especially about Anthony and Alexis and Malcolm and Alivia. But we’ll have to see how next week’s finale plays out. Just as a reminder, here’s how tonight’s match up ceremonies stand.

are you the one season 6 episode 11 recap

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 10 Recap

We knew that the Mardi Gras Turn Up was going to be trouble, but we still couldn’t wait to see it. Luckily, the show jumped right in, giving us the slow-mo, dry humping, drunk AF extravaganza we’ve been waiting for all season. “We’re making bad decisions tonight!” the girls shout in a confessional, and then they fully follow through on that. And so do the guys, for the record. Alexis makes out with Keith again, Michael is ready to eat Geles alive even though Audrey is only like five feet away, Anthony decides it’s a good idea to kiss Geles’s best friend, Zoe, and Clinton gets a little too close to Geles. Wait, is it just us, or does way too much of this involve Geles?

Yep, in just one night, Geles is causing problems for couples Michael and Audrey and Clinton and Uche. She’s also throwing drinks on Anthony and ready to fight. Anthony doesn’t come out looking so good either, though we did laugh when Geles asked, “Why do you have to make out with Zoe?!” and Anthony responded, “Is she your match?” Meanwhile, Jada and Dimitri are also dry humping, only for that to fall apart pretty immediately the next day when Dimitri pretty much tells Jada to her face that he’s 0% interested. Audrey also “is over” Michael for about two seconds until he romances her and they go to smash in a bathroom. He’s either being surprisingly sincere or a total f–kboy. Take one guess which.

michael and audrey on 'are you the one'

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After the party, Michael and Audrey and Joe and Alivia head out on their date. Things are looking good for the actual couple, and not so much for the hopeful. Alivia almost seems like she’s ready to give Joe a chance, but then he refuses to stop throwing powdered sugar at her while they eat beignets, so we get it. Joe is extremely cute, but that’ll only take you so far when you insist on interrupting a serious conversation to press a powdered sugar handprint onto your partner’s chest. When he tries to shoot his shot and kiss her, she screams and smashes a beignet in his face. So that’s not happening, no matter how long Joe’s waited for his chance. If anybody votes for them to go into the Truth Booth, it’ll just be straight-up sabotage for the game. 

Luckily, Michael and Audrey get voted in – only to discover that they’re not a match, Michael’s immediately over it, and he’s gonna go hook up with Geles now. So much for that whole speech about how much better Audrey is from last episode. They both agree not to tell Audrey, and then kiss, and then Geles rats Michael out the next morning, prompting a huge blow out between the girls while Michael apparently doesn’t have to deal with any of this? How does that seem fair? They all had out to the match up ceremony where Jada calls Dimitri out, Diandra doesn’t pick Kareem to sit with even though she wants to, Geles sits with Clinton because she’s pretty sure he’s her match even though she wants to be sitting with Michael, and Zoe somehow ends up sitting with Shad, we assume because she was the last girl to pick and he was her match for the week by default. Tough luck, babe.

shad and zoe on 'are you the one'

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And then they score a ground total of three — yep, a measly three — matches and Terrence tells them they’ve put themselves in an “almost unwinnable situation.” And if we didn’t know any better, we’d agree. But as it turns out, tonight’s Truth Booth and match up ceremony actually gave us a lot of information. In fact, it gave us just enough info to figure out all eleven perfect matches. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 10 Matches

We mean it this time. We checked and double checked our math over and over to make sure we didn’t make any small mistakes like last week. And every time, our answer came out the same. The house’s combination of bad luck and poor strategy has managed to rule out so many couples that there’s only one possible scenario left that accounts for all eleven matches. Ready to find out? Beware, these are serious spoilers, and unless we’ve somehow managed to make another mistake, these are legit the eleven matches in the show. No takesies-backsies. No more pink for probably not and blue for probably yes. This spreadsheet is all red and green, baby, because Christmas came a little early this year. Christmas came so early that it’s not even Thanksgiving until tomorrow.

are you the one season 6 episode 10 matches

are you the one season 6 perfect matches

Sure, some of these seem random. But if we think back, we can realize that the show’s been dropping clues about others. Kareem and Diandra have really warmed up to each other lately, and we did see a quick, cute moment between Keith and Jada a week or so ago. Keyana totally called it with Michael from the beginning, Uche was spot on about her similar background with Joe, Shad and Audrey have known for a while that they’re probably matches, and Tyler’s had his eye on Nicole since day one. Just because we haven’t really seen much of Alexis and Anthony, Dimitri and Nurys, Ethan and Zoe, or Malcolm and Alivia doesn’t mean they haven’t been getting to know each other either. After all, not everything makes the final cut for the show — and some perfect matches don’t see what the matchmakers saw until after the show is over. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 9 Recap

We have to admit it. We finished last week’s episode of Are You The One feeling pretty dang down on the house. With a no-match Truth Booth and no-matchup ceremony to speak of, things weren’t looking good. But this episode they just about turned it around — even if the mood in the house is still pretty rough. Especially between couples Keith and Alexis and Kareem and Alivia. Alexis — who, just as a reminder, told Keith she wished he’d just f–king die last episode — is still freaking out when we return to the scene moments later. Though he chases her outside, she’s still pretty upset for the rest of the ep. And you can see at some point that Keith is starting to feel pretty over it, like when he calls her immature and asks why she was allowed to kiss people in the beginning of the show and why he’s not allowed to now (which isn’t really a fair comparison, TBH, since Alexis kissed everyone for a game and Keith kissed Alivia twice because he’s interested in her). Kareem is also fighting for who he thinks is his perfect match — and the girl he likes — which catches Diandra’s eye. She seems to like that he is passionate, which, uh, okay.

kareem and diandra on 'are you the one'

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Meanwhile, Nurys and Diandra are teaming up to figure out everything with Malcolm — and the fact that he’s still playing them both. When he called Diandra a d–k rider, it was basically right after he had sex with Nurys. So there’s that. “If my drink wasn’t so good, I would throw it on him,” Jada says. Same, Jada. Malcolm can’t handle the fact that the two girls he’s been playing against each other are suddenly turning on him and he dips. And just as one love triangle dies, another emerges: Audrey and Michael find a third in Geles. Apparently, there’s always been some ~unspoken chemistry~ between Michael and Geles, something she decides to share with Audrey for some reason??? and that Michael later doesn’t deny. Yikes. But don’t worry. He totally makes it all better when he tells Audrey that she’s pretty and Geles sucks (isn’t that basically what he said?) and then they go have sex while Michael makes sure the viewers at home know that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions about his maybe tiny d–k. Okay. 

While other people are stuck in their feelings, some of the singles decide to make a strategy play. Uche and the rest of the girls invite Shad, Ethan, Joe, and Tyler to their “game show” where they ask they hash out the need-to-know kind of stuff like “how many kids do you want to have” and “what toppings do you put on your frozen yogurt.” Tyler says he’d leave any girl at the froyo shop that puts fruit on their dessert (totally fair), eliminating a couple of the girls — but interestingly, not Nicole. Told you we’ve been rooting for them the whole time. They’re connection later on in the episode just confirms that for us. The moment that really caught our eye, though, was when Uche was listening to Joe and was all of a sudden like, “Wait, uh, you’re my match????” We’re paraphrasing, but still.

joe and uche on 'are you the one'

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Gotta be honest here. We don’t really see this working out, but they agree that they come from similar backgrounds and want similar future. So if they actually liked each other at all, they’d be pretty compatible. They go off to talk and work through this separately and we can almost get on board until Joe wraps up the conversation by telling Uche that she’s got a great butt and that he’s been trying not to stare at it the whole time they’ve been in the house. Now that’s romance. Not. 

Kareem and Nurys are also getting closer, and Shad takes a chance to romance Zoe that, uh, majorly backfires when she tells the camera that it feels like she was talking to her mailman who then kissed her. Ouch. And then they head out to the match up ceremony where they score a record five beams. That’s more than they’ve got all season, and it bodes well. And we’ll get to this later, but it gives us a lot of information, too. The singles strip down and skinny dip in celebration. When the singles head out to a challenge, they pair up for piggy-back rides. Finally, finally(!!!) Michael and Audrey score a date. So do Joe and Alivia, but you can guess who’s probably going to be sent to the Truth Booth. Before we get to that, though, the house is being sent out for a wild Mardi Gras boat party. But we’ll save that for next episode. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 9 Matches

Like we said, this week’s match up ceremony gave us a s–t load of information. Instead of having 71 possible answers that each only gave us 6-8 perfect matches, now we only have six. Five of those six scenarios give us eight of the 11 matches, and the last scenario gives us ten — meaning we can figure out the last one on our own.  And when you play those scenarios out to the furthest possible answer to figure out the remaining perfect matches for each set, we end up with only seven scenarios, each accounting for all eleven perfect matches. And in every single one of those seven scenarios, Clinton and Geles were a match — meaning we just confirmed our first perfect match even before the house did.

are you the one season 6 episode 9 recap

are you the one season 6 episode 9

Curious about what those seven scenarios are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check ’em out.

are you the one season 6 perfect matches

You might notice that some of the couples are showing up a couple of times. Anthony and Keyana are paired up in almost every scenario, same with Ethan and Jada, Joe and Zoe, and Keith and Nurys. Things aren’t looking quite as hot for Tyler and Nicole, but they’ve still got a good chance. And though some of the couples in the possible scenarios are totally out there, others we can kind of see in hind-sight. Keith and Jada are totally bizarre, but they did have a friend moment this episode, and they did sit together at the match up. Keith and Nurys seem equally incompatible, but we’ve also never really seen them interact. So who knows? Plus, we never would’ve guessed that Clinton and Geles would be a match — but hey, here we are. As for the rest of our guesses, right now we’re siding with the numbers and putting our bets on the highlighted set.

are you the one season 6 episode 9 matches

are you the one season 6 episode 9 couples

Now that we’ve confirmed one perfect match and narrow our scenarios down to seven, that million dollars is looking pretty d–n winnable. Let’s just hope the house can figure it all out, too. Update: As it turns out, we actually accidentally eliminated one of our perfect match potentials. Yep, we’re not ready to confirm Clinton/Geles just yet after all. It turns out that there is one more set of 11 perfect matches that works: Anthony/Keyana, Clinton/Diandra, Dimitri/Audrey, Ethan/Jada, Joe/Zoe, Kareem/Nurys, Keith/Uche, Malcolm/Alexis, Michael/Geles, Shad/Alivia, and Tyler/Nicole. This accounts for a lot of our favorite matches so far, so it’s definitely a possibility. Even more than that, it’s got a good chance of being right, too. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 8 Recap

Yep, it’s finally that time of the season when the exes are back — and they’re bringing plenty of trouble. But first, the house had enough drama of their own. No-match couple Ketih and Alexis promised to set an example for the house and separate (while obviously still sleeping together on the “low-low” as Geles calls it) only to immediately hit a road block when Keith decided to continue making moves on Alivia. Diandra and Malcolm blew up at each other when Diandra had an honestly pretty innocent mini-date with Anthony — it just happened to be on the balcony of the Boom Boom Room. Malcolm didn’t bother giving Didi a second to explain; he just immediately tattled to Geles who also got heated and then called Didi what we’re pretty sure was “a d–k rider” the next time he saw her. Which is a pretty creative but totally mean insult for a girl who turned down a kiss from Anthony out of loyalty to Malcolm. And then Geles also lost her s–t over the idea of Anthony getting horizontal with someone else, even though they’d already done that whole break-up thing. But drama with Didi wasn’t Geles’ only problem. And then there was everything that went down with Taylor. 

When the exes came back, it was for a challenge where the girls in the house got to interview the guys’ exes, and the guys got to interview the girls’ exes. Nurys’ former fling nearly made her cry when he insisted they’d probably be getting back together at some point, stringing her along again after he already kept her as the side chick twice in the past. Clinton’s ex was straight up terrified of Uche’s intensity. Audrey’s jealousy shot through the roof when she realized Michael’s ex still liked him — and then she made sure the other girl knew that yeah, she’d also slept with Michael. But Taylor’s confrontation with Geles was when things really heated up. And we’re not even sure why, TBH, since as far as we know, Joe and Geles haven’t really been a thing. 

Yep, Joe’s ex Taylor is that Taylor, the girl from season five who caused problems for the whole house when she and Andre refused to uncouple, despite being a confirmed no match. And we all know how Joe feels about no match couples staying together in the house instead of focusing on the game. Like he says, he learned a lot from watching his ex’s season lose all the money last year. Still, we have to wonder why Geles is the one that pissed Taylor off enough to start yelling, especially when we saw she was asking everyone’s ex the same few questions. “Yes we’ve talked about marriage and he’s going to come back to me but we’re not together so don’t get it twisted,” Taylor basically shouted, and honestly we’re not even sure what that means. Whatever, TBH. By the way Joe stood by silently, we feel pretty confident that they actually are done. But we’ll see. 

In any case, Keith won the challenge for the guys, meaning he got to pick one girl to go on a date with. Alivia and Alexis were tied and had to answer one more question in a final show-down — and Alexis used the motivation of Keith winning to rocket herself to victory. “If he’s going on a date, I’m going on a date, too!” she told the camera. “I’m coming and I’m watching everything you do because I’m psycho!” Hey, no argument here. So Keith obviously picked Alivia and Alexis, in a move that we can only deem as worthy of an award for its pettiness, picked Kareem to go on her date. Basically, it was a huge old recipe for disaster. And a disaster it was.

keith and alivia on 'are you the one'

(Photo Credit: MTV)

Kareem spilled to Alexis that Keith and Alivia had kissed (and that Alivia had come to Kareem begging for his forgiveness, something she didn’t seem to communicate to Keith) and Alexis promptly lost her mind. They decided to go confront the other couple — who’d kissed some more in the meantime — only for Keith to remain absolutely unapologetic, hurting Alexis anymore. He figured they only agreed not to have sex with their perfect match, and kissing wasn’t a big deal. But for Kareem, it absolutely was, and even after Alexis walked away he continued to escalate the situation, losing his temper until he inevitably threw a table to the ground. Yikes. It was a wake up call for Alivia, who realized she didn’t want a match with anger issues like that. The only problem? When she and Keith were voted into the Truth Booth, they discovered that they weren’t a perfect match either. So who’s left for her?

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 8 Matches

Here’s where things are getting really messy. We’re eight episodes in and we’ve only had six match-up ceremonies. Yep, this episode skipped it again, ending after the Truth Booth. So what’s the deal? In all of the five other seasons, there have been ten episodes and ten match-up ceremonies, with the tenth ceremony as the season’s final guess to try and win it all. If this season follows that pattern, we only have two episodes left for the singles to figure out all eleven beams. Not only do they not have any confirmed perfect matches yet, but they also have way less information to work with. Did they miraculously figure everything out in even less time than it took the other houses — and that’s why they’ve stretched six match up ceremonies over eight episodes? Or does something go disastrously wrong, causing them to lose or get sent home without even making their final guess? There’s been enough tension in the house this season that we honestly wouldn’t be shocked if some huge fight broke out and got everyone booted. But MTV is no stranger to fights. So what’s going on?

Honestly, we don’t know anymore than you guys do. But what we do know is that tonight’s episode gets us pretty much nowhere closer to any real answers. Keith and Alivia are now a confirmed no match — but they hadn’t sat together at any of the match-up ceremonies, so there’s no accounting for any of the beams so far. We’re at pretty much where we were last episode, with 71 possibilities giving us anywhere between six and eight matches each. Even if we assume after this episode that Kareem and Alivia aren’t a match, that only eliminates one of those 71 possible answers, leaving us with 70. Going into the final guesses in seasons one, two, and four, there was only one possible answer. In season three, they guessed correctly between four solutions to the match up ceremony puzzle. And in season five, they had two possible solutions and just happened to pick the wrong one. But we can’t imagine that this season will even give the singles enough info to make a good educated guess. So here’s all that we can cobble together.

are you the one season 6 episode 8

are you the one season 6 episode 8 recap

Statistically speaking, Tyler and Nicole are a good guess. Same with Ethan and Jada and Audrey and Shad. After that, we narrowed it down from our potential answers to pick the one that also included Dimitri and Nurys, Joe and Alexis, Kareem and Diandra, and Michael and Geles. Based on some of the flirting that we’ve seen and the way they interact with other people, these could be the right answers. Or, they could be pretty much completely off-base considering how little screen time some of these could-be couples have had together. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 7 Recap

The drama boiled over from last week in this week’s ep, with the fight continuing as Clinton needs to physically lead Kareem away from Tyler, Joe, and Ethan. The good news? It prompted some of the no-match couples to actually take a look at their situation, stop playing around, and get back in the game. Anthony decided to end things with Geles for the sake of the rest of the singles, and our hearts totally went out for them. Clinton and Uche also seem to be set on moving forward and getting to know other people. Nurys and Malcolm, on the other hand… Well, they’re actually heating things back up now that they’ve reconciled after nipple-gate. 

That’s when the second round of drama starts, with Nurys coming for Diandra, who takes it all pretty patiently until she loses her cool and starts slinging bananas across the room. The sad thing? Neither of them can be a match with Malcolm. He and Nurys went into the Truth Booth and had it confirmed to their faces. As for Didi, well, last week’s one beam helped us figure out that they couldn’t possible be together. The math said the same thing for Keith and Alexis, who avoided pretty much all of this week’s drama by sneaking away upstairs to have sex. At least, they thought they were avoiding the drama — but really they were only creating more of it as they set themselves up for serious disappointment. 

We’ll admit it, we did see the sparks between them. And Alexis does seem pretty in love (it doesn’t hurt that she keeps telling Keith at every opportunity). But Keith still sees the problems with their relationship, and honestly it kind of just seemed like he was with her because she wanted to be with him so badly. And Alexis moved so fast that it didn’t seem like she really gave anyone else a shot — even Joe, who she made out with on the date he won in a challenge. But when the Truth Booth told Keith and Alexis that they were a confirmed No Match, it served as a wake up call to the rest of the house.

tyler and nicole on 'are you the one'

(Photo Credit: MTV)

Finally, the house got around to doing what they should’ve done from episode one: a fun, informal round of speed-dating, where everyone could get to know everyone. Some surprising connections came out of it — and some not-so-surprising ones, too. Tyler liked Nicole pretty much since the first time he saw her, and even though they sat together at the third match up ceremony, it didn’t seem like they really got a chance to talk until now. Michael and Uche also seemed to have a connection, as did Clinton and Geles, spurred on by their challenge-won date. But who among them are the actual matches?

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 7 Matches: Are Tyler and Nicole a Match?

Chances are, pretty much. This week’s matchup ceremony gave us four beams — aka four couples. The math works out to 71 potential solutions to the matchup ceremonies’ puzzle, with each providing 6-8 perfect match couples. And of those 71 solutions, 61 of them feature Tyler and Nicole as a perfect match. Ethan and Jada are a perfect match in 45 of the solutions, Malcolm and Alivia in 39, Shad and Audrey in 38, Joe and Zoe in 32, and Anthony and Keyana are together in 22. We’re getting close to some answers, but we can’t confirm anything more yet — perfect matches or confirmed no matches.

are you the one season 6 matches

But if we decide that we think Tyler and Nicole are definitely a match, we can start to narrow down some of our options. Same thing if we think Ethan and Jada are together. At that point, we have to pick whether we think that Shad and Audrey are a match or Joe and Zoe are a match — and personally, we’re feeling Shad and Audrey. Our guess from there is still just a guess. But here’s what we’re thinking based on what we know so far.

are you the one season 6 cast

That answer gives us six perfect couples — meaning there are still five left to put together. But here’s our table of what’s confirmed (in red), what we think is unlikely (in pink), and what we think is on the right track (in blue).

are you the one season 6

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 6 Recap

Here’s the thing: Our hearts pretty much shattered when Clinton and Uche finally had the chance to go to the Truth Booth only to discover that they’re a No Match couple. Yep, the two who seemed absolutely perfect together are somehow not a perfect match — and honestly, this one has us kind of questioning the matchmaker’s judgment. But until we find out who their real matches are (which, BTW, we have absolutely zero information on, since they’ve sat together at every. single. match up ceremony), we’ll wait to call bunk. Maybe there really is someone better for Clinton or better for Uche, but at this point, the best they can hope for is probably a good friend. Clinton and Uche seem like they’re going to try and play the game, but if you think they’re over each other just because they’re not a match, you’re kidding yourself.

clinton and uche on 'are you the one'

(Photo Credit: MTV)

The rest of the show wasn’t nearly so emotionally charged, but plenty still went down. Tyler, Clinton, and Keith won dates, and they brought Jada, Uche, and Alivia with them. We didn’t see pretty much anything from Tyler and Jada’s date (so we can basically guess that nothing interesting happened, but these two have always just been friends), and Clinton and Uche’s date was probably wonderful before the Truth Booth heartbreak, but we did notice a connection between Keith and Alivia. Things heated up between them last week, and though we thought it might’ve all been spoiled by the Kareem/Zoe drama, it looks like Keith wasn’t ready to give up the fight. Well, at least until he was — since now he’s revisiting that whole love match with Alexis. 

Other couples of note this week? Dimitri and Nicole are still making out despite being a Confirmed No Match. Same with Anthony and Geles who just can’t quit each other. Malcolm and Nurys are back on good terms, but by no means back together. Instead, he’s cuddling up to Diandra again, finally. Drama exploded between Uche and Jada when the latter tried to make her move to get to know a potential match. Tensions also got real between Kareem and Joe when the former accused the latter of not trying to make any moves at all. The couple-up No Matches are convinced the guys in the house not making moves are the problem, while the still singles are convinced that if the No Match couples would just move on, they’d finally have a shot. We’ll just have to wait and see, we guess. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 6 Matches: Are Keith and Alexis a Match?

This episode, the match up ceremony revealed that the castmates had only one couple right. It’s week six, their fifth matchup ceremony, and they’re pretty much no closer to figuring out any of the perfect matches. But here’s the good news: this weeks’ ceremony, though a total disappointment to the people in the house, actually gave us a lot of information about who’s not a match. Thanks to the single beam, we were able to run all the possible scenarios and eliminate Anthony and Nicole, Clinton and Jada, Dimitri and Uche, Ethan and Geles, Keith and Alexis, Malcolm and Diandra, Michael and Nurys, Tyler and Keyana, and Anthony and Diandra as possible perfect matches.

are you the one season 6 episode 6

Yep, Jada lost her shot with Clinton before she even really had it. And Keith was right the first time when he thought that he and Alexis just wouldn’t work out. Diandra was wrong to take Malcolm back, and Geles is no closer to finding someone who can help her move on from Anthony (although maybe this means that Ethan will have a shot at real love). There are still plenty of possibilities for love matches to be made. We did the math, actually, and there are 81 potential solutions to the match up ceremony answers as we have them. However, none of those 81 solutions give us more than seven of the matches.

are you the one season 6 episode 6 recap

Here are how the stats stand, BTW, when we use the information from this week’s match up ceremony: There are 45 possible answers if Joe and Zoe are a perfect match. There’s one (yep, just one) possible answer if Kareem and Alivia are a perfect match. And there are 35 possible answers if Shad and Audrey are a match. If we decide that Keith and Nurys, Dimitri and Alexis, and Malcolm and Alivia seem like unlikely perfect matches (which, uh, they totally do), we can narrow it down to 9 possible answers. Of those 9, these two scenarios are our current favorites.

mtv are you the one

Honestly, it’s hard to pick between Joe and Zoe as a perfect match and Shad and Audrey as a perfect match. Both couples clearly see that logic behind their partnerships, but neither is really feeling a romantic connection. Look closely, though, and you’ll notice that Ethan and Jada, Anthony and Keyana, and Tyler and Nicole are partnered up in both potential answers. Statistically speaking, Tyler and Nicole are actually the most likely couple right now. Compared to the single possible scenario where Kareem and Alivia are a perfect match, Tyler and Nicole match up in 57 of the 81 answers we have. Just a little food for thought. And the couples should start thinking this way too. Sure, they can’t chart everything out like we can, but once they start to really put the pieces together from their match up ceremonies, we think they’ll find themselves finally on the right track. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 5 Recap

are you the one season six episode five

matches on 'are you the one?'

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 5 Matches

No extra Truth Booth means no cliff-hanger this week, but we’ve still got a lot of questions about these couples. The girls sat with guy that they thought couple be right for them, not necessarily who their hearts were with, and it yielded some, uh, interesting couples. But we have to say, we kind of freaked when Audrey paired up with Shad. Is our theory possibly proving right? We think they could be a match, too — but there are about a million possible correct answers still on the table right now.

mtv are you the one

This episode only confirmed for us that Kareem and Alivia, the second-best contenders for the second ceremony’s single beam, are on the verge of imploding. So again, we’re still feeling pretty confident about Clinton and Uche. They’ve been going strong and only really had an issue when Uche didn’t guess that Clinton was Team Justin Bieber instead of Team Selena Gomez. Michael and Keyana are already a dud, Keith and Alexis may not be totally done with each other but definitely don’t seem to be a match, and Ethan and Jada seem more like friends than anything else. And like we said, that match could be wildcards Anthony and Diandra or Shad and Geles, we’ll stick to our current theory for now. As for that final third couple at this week’s match up, well, we’re not getting vibes from anybody just yet. But Anthony and Keyana would certainly be interesting, don’t you think?

anthony and diandra on 'are you the one'

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 4 Recap

Two beams at the match up ceremony and discovering Malcolm and Nurys are a confirmed no match don’t get the cast mates much closer to finding their perfect matches on this week’s Are You The One. Yep, Season Six, Episode 4 introduced a lot of new potential perfect matches and offered no real answers for the ones we already know and love (or, in some cases, completely hate). The bright side? The episode was completely wild, packed with instantly iconic one-liners, sincere heart-to-hearts, and equally intense heartbreaks. And we’re just talking about Nurys right now, forget the rest of the house. So what happened tonight? Well, The Keith/Alexis/Zoe love triangle came to a head — but that was only part of the drama.

This episode wasn’t great for the game — but for the fans, it was pretty incredible. The party started at the pool, where Alexis flashed Shad her tattoo — only to reveal that it was to honor her cousin who was in jail (“YOLO!” Shad quipped)… for murdering someone (“NOT YOLO,” he took it back). And when Zoe considered a potential love match with Shad, it left her wanting just one thing: “I’m going to wrap a bunch of bacon around my neck and go out to the swamp and let the gators take me away.” At this week’s challenge, Keith and Zoe, Dimitri and Nicole, and Ethan and Geles managed to score dates, but they didn’t exactly go well. Keith couldn’t pick up on the fact that Zoe was into him, and only heard her talking about her interest in Kareem. Ethan couldn’t get over the fact that Geles was still having sex with Anthony “on the low-low,” and their second date was soured by the fact that her heart belonged to someone else. Dimitri and Nicole managed to hit it off okay — but we still can’t get over the fact that the reason he said he was excited to go on a date with her was because “she has the greatest set of tits [he’d] ever seen.” Uh, what about her heart, Dimitri? While the three potential couples were off on their date, the house decided to have some fun on their own. They set up a sumo wrestling tournament, with losers having to participate in dares and winners getting prizes. But when the ultimate winner of the boys’ tournament won the opportunity to lick chocolate sauce off of Nurys’ nipple (uh, yeah we said nipple), things took a turn for the worst. Suddenly, Malcolm, who hadn’t been part of the game, came back inside. And when he saw the girl he’d told earlier “I know who I want to have kids with” whipping out a boob, well, he freaked. And we didn’t even get a couple into the Truth Booth.

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 4 Matches

Again, this week’s match up ceremony didn’t really get us any farther than we already know. They got two perfect matches, but we weren’t able to eliminate any possible couples, so the potential answers to this complicated puzzle are only multiplying. We’ve still got our best guesses, and we’re sticking with Clinton and Uche, Shad and Audrey, and Tyler and Nicole for now. Not everyone gets to know their perfect match right off the bat — and we see why these couples could work, even if the singles haven’t noticed it themselves yet. Plus, the answer still makes sense considering the three weeks of match up ceremonies we’ve had.

are you the one mtv

Next episode, we’re hoping for a little less drama and a little more strategizing. These singles need to get their heads in the game, because right now they’re coming up with diddly squat. They’ve got to think less about the kind of people they’ve gone for in the past, and more about what might actually work for them. It’s not always about what you want, after all — sometimes it’s about what you need. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 3 Recap

The Truth Booth determined that Anthony and Geles weren’t a match — and though we pretty much saw it coming, our hearts still kind of broke for them. They seemed so coupled up, and now they’ll have to split apart. Well, they’re supposed to at least — but they certainly wouldn’t be the first Confirmed No Match to stay together and throw strategy to the wind. It’s not long before the singles are heading back into another match up ceremony, and six couples from the first ceremony sit together again — including Michael and Keyana, though Michael tried to end things earlier in the episode. This time, though, there’s only one beam that lights up, meaning five of those couples, and ten couples total, are on the completely wrong path. And that one couple that got it right could be a total wild card, like Anthony and Diandra.

mtv's are you the one

(Photo Credit: MTV)

At the challenge, the singles pair up to compete at a “pool party” where they can’t break an egg while cooking, playing limbo, and getting increasingly drunk. Ethan and Geles, Malcolm and Nurys, and Michael and Audrey are the last couples standing, and they head out on their date. But all isn’t well in NOLA, because Ethan is struggling through the weirdness in the wake up Geles’ breakup, Michael’s eager to pursue Audrey, and Malcolm and Nurys are all wrapped up in each other. The house votes to send the only actual couple amongst the daters into the Truth Booth — but again, we’ll have to wait to see what happens. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 3 Matches: Are Malcolm and Nurys a Match?

Maybe. But again, they seem like bad news to us — and we can’t imagine that the matchmakers would look at their individual dating histories and past relationship mistakes and say, “Yep, these two are the answer to all of each other’s problems.” More like these two are bound only to cause problems. So unfortunately for them, we’re going to guess that these two are No Match. Let’s just hope Malcolm doesn’t go crawling back to Didi when he’s done. But one good thing did happen this week: that single beam at the match up ceremony gave us a lot of information.

joe and alexis on 'are you the one'

Knowing that Anthony and Geles aren’t a match, and that, despite six couples sitting together twice, there was only one beam, we can figure out that it’s impossible to get the two week’s of match up ceremony results we have if Dimitri and Nicole, Joe and Audrey, or Tyler and Zoe are a perfect match. That means we’re able to eliminate five potential couples so far — but that’s five of a whole bunch. We have some ideas about who might be a match though. We’re still feeling good about Clinton and Uche, and if they’re the single beam at the second match up ceremony, we’re willing to guess that Shad and Audrey and Tyler and Nicole are still the second and third matches from week one.

are you the one season six episode two

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 2 Recap

In episode two, the contestants finally got to attend their first match up ceremony, and they kind of knocked it out of the park by getting three perfect matches on their first try. Unfortunately, six of the pairs were actual couples — and they’re all pretty sure they were one of those beams. But first, they threw a pirate-themed party, and s–t went down when Diandra took a little too long getting ready… and Nurys made another move on Malcolm. Her boldness paid off, because Malcolm decided to put all his eggs in her basket instead, leaving Didi in the dust. At the challenge, the guys shoot balloons with arrows to win dates — and Shad nabs a date with Uche, Joe scores one with Alexis, and Anthony manages to win a date for him and Geles, one of the actual couples in the house.

matches on 'are you the one?'

(Photo Credit: MTV)

Anthony and Geles fall deeper in love, Joe and Alexis make out in revenge for Keith saying he’s going to come up with his own fake-date for Zoe, and Shad and Uche pretty much just hang out as friends — although their piggyback ride was pretty cute. At the end of the day, the house votes Anthony and Geles into the Truth Booth, though we’ll have to wait until next week to get the answers we’re looking for. But we have to say, with Anthony’s “Loyal in Love” label and Geles’ tendency to cheat on everyone she dates, we don’t have high hopes. They’re the perfect recipe for disaster — but they’re also seriously cute. So we’ve still got our fingers crossed. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 2 Matches: Are Anthony and Geles a Match?

We still don’t have a lot of information other than the fact that Ethan and Keyana were Confirmed No Match by the Truth Booth. But we do have our best guesses. So far, Anthony and Geles, Clinton and Uche, Kareem and Alivia, Keith and Alexis, Malcolm and Nurys, and Michael and Keyana are the couples. Like we said, we’re betting that Anthony and Geles are a no-go, and Keith and Alexis also seem ready to fall apart at any minute. Malcolm and Nurys seem like a matchmaker’s nightmare — a recovered player and a girl with a “side chick situation” don’t seemed destined to go the distance — so we’re not willing to be on them either. And while Kareem and Alivia are definitely cute, they’re also a girl who’s got a thing for bad boys and a bad boy. If they’re just falling back into their usual traps, we know those haven’t worked for them before.

michael and keyana on 'are you the one'

So right now, our best guesses are that Clinton and Uche, Shad and Audrey, and Tyler and Nicole are our three perfect matches. But it’s still anybody’s game — and if Kareem and Alivia and Anthony and Geles can prove us wrong, we’ll be nothing but happy for them. As for Michael and Keyana, well… best of luck. 

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 1 Recap

Watching last night’s season 6 premiere of Are You The One, we couldn’t help but keep an eagle eye out for who’s pairing up, partnering off, and already throwing their own pity parties. And judging by the the sneak preview for next week, the drama only continues at the first match up ceremony. On that, by the way — in last night’s first episode, the show bucked tradition and skipped the starting match up ceremony. So right now, all we have to go off of to make our guesses is a single truth booth and the budding (or lack of) chemistry between the singles. So right now, a lot is still up in the air.

Yep, that’s our spreadsheet so far of confirmed no matches, confirmed perfect matches, and possible matches yet to be made. And as you can see, there’s still a lot of possibility — and only one firm answer. Last night’s first Truth Booth revealed that Ethan, aka Emoney, and Keyana were not meant to be — but, uh, anybody watching that could already tell. After all, Keyana was clearly way more into Michael, who she’d bonded with after admitting she already followed him on Instagram. And while a mutual background with corn may have been enough for Hayden and Giana to find love last year (they were also the first couple into the Truth Booth, but their confirmed no-match status wasn’t enough to stop them from falling for each other), a mutual love of music just didn’t lay a lot of ground work for Emoney and Keyana. Confirmed No Match.

Are You The One Season 6, Episode 1 Matches

Keyana and Michael did seem to be hitting it off, however. But Keyana’s problem is that she falls “too fast and too hard” — so going with her first instinct and chasing Michael might be the wrong move. Especially since she explains in a sneak peek that Michael is exactly her type: “The pretty boy, muscular, full of himself jock — Michael,” she admits. And if her type had worked out for her before, well, she probably wouldn’t be on this show. Our best guess? No Match.

(Photo Credit: MTV)

Alexis and Keith also made something of a love connection that quickly went downhill when Alexis kissed everybody in the house during a game of Truth or Dare. And while it seemed like it was all in good fun to us, Keith was hurt — and Alexis is something of a “man-eater” according to the show. Tensions rise for them in a look at next week’s episode, though, so we’re going to go ahead and guess that these two are No Match. As for Malcolm, well, so much for being a “reformed” player. With all the temptation in the house in the form of a connection with Diandra, a date with Aurdey, and a secret hookup with Nurys, he’s having trouble sticking to the straight and narrow. Our best guess here is that he might’ve made a connection with Audrey if he was really trying to clean up his player act — but the Malcolm/Diandra/Nurys love triangle that’s forming shows all of them indulging in familiar bad habits. Whether we’re talking Malcolm/Diandra or Malcolm/Nurys, we’re betting the Truth Booth will say No Match… assuming they even make it into the Truth Booth. 

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