Y’all, something amazing happened this week and it went totally unnoticed. That’s right, Samuel Dillard — the son of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard — tried a pickle for the first time, which means he’s officially a member of the famous fam. For those of you who may not know, pickle-eating is a big thing in Duggarville (for reasons we may never understand), so when the 10-month-old chomped down on a giant Dill, he made history. Watch the video below to witness the milestone!

So where exactly does the Duggars weird food obsession come from? Well, pickles are actually mentioned a few times in the Bible. Nah, we’re totally kidding. But Jill’s sister, Jessa, once speculated that the love of pickles dates back to Michelle‘s first pregnancy.

“The Duggars love pickles. I think it probably started that when my mom is pregnant she craves pickles, that is the one thing. Every time we see her eating pickles we say ‘Are you pregnant?'” Jessa explained in a 2016 episode of Counting On. So basically, there’s never a time when Michelle’s not eating pickles.

joy anna duggar pickles

But Samuel’s pickle experience wasn’t the first to be documented. Nay! Pics or it didn’t happen, amirite? Joy-Anna Duggar added that whenever a little one takes a bite out of one of these crunchy cucs for the first time, it’s caught on camera. “Any time a family member tries a pickle for the first time, we always go around and take videos and pictures and everyone comes around to watch their facial expression.” What a fun time, huh?

Unfortunately, with 19 kids, there’s gotta be at least one anti-pickler. And considering how much backlash Jinger Duggar has received for wearing pants (from Jim Bob, we assume), we can only imagine how excluding it must be to be that guy who hates the taste of pickles. Or girl.

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