The rest of Hollywood may have had sympathy for Rita Wilson after her Golden Globes glam team showed up over an hour and a half late, but Twitter sure didn’t. On Sunday, January 5, ahead of the awards show, the actress took to the social media site to vent her frustration about the delay — but while she put her hair and makeup person on blast, nearly everyone responding was roasting her instead. Calling the dilemma a “first world problem,” they filled her replies with comments that were about as sympathetic as one “boo effin’ hoo.”

“My hair and makeup person is one hour and twenty minutes late,” Rita, 63, wrote on Twitter as she was getting ready for the event. A few minutes later, she added, “Hair and makeup still not here. Trying to be zen.” And after another few minutes, she continued, “Booked this person in September. Hair and makeup still not here.”

Though some were eager for the gossip — including Chrissy Teigen, who responded, “I cannot go on until I know who, I have no life” — others were quick to insist that there should be “no public shaming allowed” from Hollywood stars. Other seemed to think that the Tweets already qualified, despite not identifying the glam team of one by name. Most, however, simply rolled their eyes at the posts and pointed out that there are “real life problems” happening in the world.

“Rita, please tweet a photo of you holding today’s paper. We need to know you’re OK,” one Twitter user responded. “#AustraliaisBurning and we might go to war with Iran, but by all means, once H&M arrives please mark yourself safe on Facebook from this disaster so we know you’re OK!” a second added. A third continued, “I’m totally horrified. Your suffering moves me. Also, my cancer is back.”

The comments continued as Rita’s responses included mentions of koalas dying, worrying about mortgage payments and, of course, some trademark shade in the form of that Keeping Up With the Kardashians GIF of Kourtney Kardashian saying, “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” Even those that weren’t mercilessly dragging the Sleepless in Seattle actress didn’t have too many kind words to say. “All due respect, love you [and] your husband,” wrote one, “but in this world today, if you are stressed over having to do your own hair [and] makeup — I honestly can’t have a lot of sympathy or empathy.”

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