Dawn made her introduction on season 5 of Return to Amish after being hired at Amish Donuts and had one of the most heart wrenching story lines to ever hit the franchise. But what is the former Mennonite now? Keep reading to get an update on the Return to Amish star’s job, relationship status and more!

Why Did ‘Return to Amish’ Star Dawn Leave the Amish Community?

Dawn grew up as an Old Order Mennonite. As a child, she grew up with no radio, no TV and was educated based on what was told to her by her parents. 

After meeting her future husband, Keith, at 17 years old and having a wedding that she described as a “dream come true,” it would “turn into a nightmare.”  

While her husband initially pressured her to have kids weeks into their marriage, she was secretly taking birth control and eventually started to notice him getting distant. 

Return to Amish Where Is Dawn Now Update Today

“After several weeks of this, he finally admitted that he had a pornography addiction,” the Pennsylvania native said during her debut on the spinoff in November 2018. Soon after his revelation, Dawn learned her brother was in a bad accident and before she made it to the hospital, her brother died. That same day, upon returning home, her husband confessed he was having extramarital affairs. 

“It was the most horrible thing to have happen, to have your brother pronounced dead in one day,” she tearfully told producers. “And then to have your husband tell you that he’s cheating on you in the same day.” 

After going to the church for guidance, she was told that it was her “fault” because she wasn’t being a “good enough wife.” 

Where Is ‘Return to Amish’ Star Dawn Today?

The series ended with Dawn and Keith joining a Christian Missionary trip to “rekindle” their marriage. While the couple celebrated their five-year anniversary in May 2020, by that November, Dawn announced their “difficult” divorce. 

“Feeling like a failure, because you couldn’t control your spouse’s actions is hurtful,” she wrote in a lengthy caption on Instagram at the time. “But in the midst of this… I found something I always wanted… my independence. I’ve discovered how strong I really am. And when I see my eyes sparkle when I look in the mirror, I know that I made the right choice by walking away!”

She added that even her “conservative mamma told her how much happier” she seems.

Does ‘Return to Amish’ Star Dawn Have Any Kids?

Dawn announced in December 2022 that she was expecting her first child. 

“My heart is full,” the TLC personality captioned the post, revealing she was set to welcome a daughter. “Having my own little bff is the best news in the world!”

What Is ‘Return to Amish’ Star Dawn’s Job Today?

Dawn is currently a student at Geneva College and has plans to “dig into law school applications” after completing her senior year in 2023.

Return to Amish Where Is Dawn Now Update Today
Courtesy of Instagram/Dawn

In December 2021, the Return to Amish alum revealed she had accepted a position teaching English overseas at a Cambodian university for the summer. 

“I received my acceptance letter from ELic today, and I’m so excited to see what God has in plan for me,” she updated her fans via Instagram. “I’m hoping to meet the little girl I’ve sponsored from there for the past 4 years.”

Prior to teaching English, the former reality TV star was on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic, working as a nursing assistant.

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