It was the question we never knew we needed an answer to, but one brave Teen Mom fan asked it: Why do Teen Mom 2 dads Nathan Griffith and Adam Lind look alike? Seriously, what’s going on there? Is there something in the water over at MTV? We just don’t know how that happened — but Chelsea Houska‘s dad, Randy Houska, does. When a fan sent the question his way, he knew just how to respond. Watch the video above to see what he said and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

This isn’t the first time he’s gotten sassy online, though. Back in July 2018, after a fan accused him of living off of Chelsea’s reality show fame, he clapped back. “Lol. I am living on 4 years of college, 4 years dental school and 29 years of being a dentist,” he wrote, unphased. Sassy or not, though, this is the first time he’s talked about Adam in a while. Back in February 2017, he also used Twitter to answer a question about the biological father of his granddaughter — but he wasn’t nearly so nice.

“Why is @ChelseaHouska on a 250k salary complaining about child support @PapaRandlicious?” a fan Tweeted. Randy wasn’t having any of it though. He quickly responded, “Why is Adam on a (he claims) 250K salary not paying for his child? Do you look at this from both sides or no? Corvette parts more important?”

Since then, he’s stayed mostly quiet on the subject, or at least he hasn’t been so direct in a while. He’s taken digs at Aubree’s dad by complimenting Cole DeBoer in the past, and he’s shaded Adam with not-so-subtle messages on Twitter, writing, “Happy Father’s Day to those who actually father their children… [including] those single mothers who had to step up for the jackwads who failed.” This time around, though, he had nothing but jokes — and TBH, we’re still giggling over it.

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