She’s using her voice. R. Kelly’s former live-in girlfriend Azriel Clary took to Instagram to spread some Christmas cheer and silence the haters. After posting a video of her singing “The Christmas Song,” the 21-year-old’s followers dragged her since she previously swore she gave up music. In a lengthy post, she set the record straight.

“Although I DON’T have to say or put out anything I am going to because I am so tired of people that are just ignorant or feel they need to bring me down to make themselves feel good,” she started her post shared on Christmas Day. “Yes, I did say PUBLICLY I probably would NEVER sing again. The reason I said that is because the only memories I have attached to singing is when I was younger, and, as I said, it [burnt] me out. It was forceful and like a job and not something I enjoyed. Everything from that I wore, how my hair was styled, what song I sung, choreography, everything was not my choice which no longer made it fun.”

She continued to state how she and Robert, 52, recorded many songs together but she never released any music because she felt she hadn’t found her own sound and style. “It’s my life and my timing,” she continued. She added that the haters who criticize her for returning to music will only help motivate her. “Everyone has the right to change their mind, that is not a crime. So don’t bash me for finally finding confidence in something that was once a burden to me.”

R. Kelly's Former GF Azriel Clary Speaks Out Following Christmas Song Backlash
Courtesy Azriel Clary/Instagram

Prior to Azriel’s statement, several users took shots at the aspiring artist for going back on her word. “So you do enjoy singing,” one person wrote. “When I’m not being controlled, yes I do. But when I’m being forced, no, I don’t,” she responded. Others praised the beauty for her powerful pipes.

Azriel has reportedly moved out of R. Kelly’s home in Trump Towers following the escalating charges against the singer. He is currently in prison and awaiting trial in Chicago and in New York for various charges of child pornography, sexual misconduct and bribery, among others. It looks like she is trying to start a new life outside of Kelly’s grasp.

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