Is he shading his ex? Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson appeared in a hilarious skit on the episode that aired on Saturday, January 26, but all fans could notice was that there was a very subtle reference to his ex-fiancée Ariana Grande.

Pete, 25, participated in skit that was a music video for a rap song titled “I Love My Dog.” The lyrics of the song seemed to start out like a love song, with the lines: “Love that girl, she stay loyal in these streets cause / Soon as I pull up to the crib, she’s getting geeked up.” The camera cut to shots of Pete rapping then cut to shots of two women wearing what seemed to be black bunny ears — which looked extremely similar to the bunny ears that Ariana, 25, wore on the cover of her hit album, Dangerous Woman.

He went on to rap lines like, “She my main girl / I get home / She get at me / Hop up on my lap like / Welcome home daddy,” and “She’s my best friend / She shows love and respect / That’s why she walk around / With my name on her neck.” But as the song continued, viewers learned that the song was about dogs, not a woman.

Fans immediately took to social media to react to what seemed like shade at Ari. “So I love the #SNL skit with the dogs, but the girls with the bunny ears were VERY @ArianaGrande … feel like that was a deep diss by Pete Davidson … and TBH I’m not mad at it,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Ariana Grande made tweets shading Pete Davidson, and she even put his name on ‘thank u, next.’ So why can’t Pete Davidson do the same? Pete Davidson doesn’t own SNL. Apparently, the directors thought it was funny. I find it hilarious as well. #SNL.”

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