Pop star Ariana Grande is only 25, but she’s already a full-blown diva. A source close to the singer spoke exclusively with In Touch and let us in on some of her most high-maintenance behaviors.

“She’s a control freak when it comes to her appearance,” the source told us. “You will rarely see her photographed without her signature hair extensions. Or her huge heels, because she doesn’t like the way she looks without them. She thinks her legs look stubby.” We absolutely do not think her lovely legs look stubby without her signature heeled boots, but everyone sees different flaws in themselves, you know? Women in the industry feel a lot of pressure to be perfect, even when they already are in our eyes. That includes you, Miss Grande!

She is also hyper-dedicated to staying tan, as her spray tan artist travels with her, according to the source. We dig a bit of color on our babe Ari, so we love that she’s always got her right-hand man ready to give her another blast of tanner. Plus, wouldn’t you have a personal spray tanner if you could? Come on.

ariana grande diva appearance
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You won’t catch her pigging out either. “She’s vegan and super calorie-conscious,” the source revealed. “She barely eats anything. She lives on coffee and things like seeds and nuts. She says she has a lot of food allergies, but who knows!” We can super appreciate the ‘thank u, next’ singer’s vegan lifestyle because it shows she is all about her health and trying to do good for the planet. We stan a conscious queen!

Despite the fact that Ari can be a bit demanding, we can vibe with her determination to stay true to what she enjoys about her lifestyle. All we gotta say is, we love you for you, girl — “stubby” legs and all.

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