Don’t mess with Pete Davidson. The comedian left his own show at The Stress Factory Comedy Club in Bridgeport, Connecticut, after the owner, Vinnie Brand, made some “disrespectful” comments about his two exes.

Vinnie “went out on stage” — even though the 25-year-old told him not to ­— and “in an obvious attempt to embarrass Pete, sarcastically said, ‘Don’t ask any questions about his exes Ariana Grande or Kate Beckinsale,’” a source told Us Weekly.

The club owner “wouldn’t get off stage, and once he made fun of Pete’s dating life, Pete left,” a second insider added. “Pete didn’t feel safe in a place owned by someone who would be so disrespectful and dishonest.”

Pete Davidson Wearing a White Shirt With Ariana Grande
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The SNL star took to his Instagram Stories later that night to apologize to his fans who bought tickets. “Hey guys in Connecticut. I am sorry that we had to leave the show before I got to go on,” he began the video. “The owner, Vinnie Brand, disrespected me and did something that I told him not to do, and I can’t perform under those circumstances. However, everybody who got tickets to that show, I am doing a free show for you guys — we’re going to figure out where it is going to be in the next week, and you know, we will get it all sorted out. Sorry again, this is not your fault. Later.”

While the Staten Island native didn’t go into too much detail, it seems like Pete came out on top in the end. “Pete was not about to let this guy ruin his show, disrespect him and abuse the names of women Pete respects and cares about. Pete has been doing great. He’s happy and has been really enjoying traveling and doing shows,” the insider added. “It’s sad that people like this club owner would pull a stunt like this just to bring attention to himself and his club.”

Some people in the audience understood why the Trainwreck alum had to leave. One person wrote on Twitter, “I don’t think it’s asking too much that a comedian wants to show up, perform, greet fans and bounce. Without having their balls busted about who they dated. Give this kid a break. And a Kit Kat,” while another echoed, “Yo, the owner of the Stress Factory CT was wild, uncalled for and disrespectful to Pete, so I don’t blame him for bouncing. I would’ve too.”

However, Vinnie did not mean to offend Pete. “What happened last night is beyond strange and shocking,” he told Us Weekly in a statement. “His security team sent me an email about Pete not wanting any cell phones out or anyone to yell out specifically about Ariana and Kate. I said I would protect him and make a quick five-minute announcement abotu the [rules]. Right before I went on stage, we were fine. Pete and I were friends!”

After Pete got off the stage, he got upset with Vinnie and “asked why I had disrespected him” and left. “I would never do a joke about [his love life],” he said. “I’ve known him for years — way before he was a big star. I was shocked [by his actions.] It was like unlike him; we were friends.”

pete davidson wearing a blue shirt with kate beckinsale

Pete was engaged to the pop star, 25, for four months before they went their separate ways in October 2018. Afterward, he moved on with the model, 45, but right now it seems like the duo are cooling off. “They rushed into the relationship and fell head over heels without thinking about the logistics,” a source told In Touch. “It’s one of those whirlwind romances that moved too quickly.”

Welp, better luck next time.

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