Jersey Shore star Pauly D looks like he's been hitting the gym! The 36-year-old DJ might have found fame alongside his partying friends on MTV, but he's staying famous because of his own fanbase.

He recently posted a short video of himself standing in the mirror while lifting up his shirt to show off his toned abs. He captioned the video, "That moment when [you] skip leg day but decide not to skip ab day!!"

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Fans were quick to show their support for Pauly D. One commented, "Thanks for a glimpse of perfection! You definitely should never wear a shirt, just saying!" While another joked, "Pauly is trying to murder you with his hard abs."

Even though Pauly D is a big fan of the partying scene, he still prioritizes his fitness. He recently opened up about how he stays in shape.

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"You don’t want to miss the gym. When you start missing the gym, that’s when you start slacking off and that’s when you start to look a little sloppy," he explained. "I compensate for the partying by making sure I hit the gym and stay consistent with it. If you’re not dieting super, super hardcore and you’re cheating a little bit on the weekends, its okay as long as you’re still working out."

While his body has always been in amazing shape, his face is starting to look very different these days.

pauly d then/now
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Check out the gallery below to see Pauly D's transformation!