So heartbreaking. Paulie Calafiore opened up about his past hardships in a candid new interview, revealing that he once contemplated suicide. The 29-year-old reality star found fame on season 18 of Big Brother before starring on Ex and the Beach, and he'll soon appear on The Challenge: Final Reckoning, but he's also faced no shortage of controversy since being exposed to the limelight. Paul discussed the good and bad experiences which have shaped the man he is today.

“When I talk to the youth and when I talk to people who are survivors there’s always going to be that darkness from bad situations,” he said on the Challenge Mania podcast. “I’ve been at low points of my life where I’ve contemplated suicide, and it takes a really strong person to be able to come out and admit that. I’ve had my own s—t happen to me in my past, things that I haven’t even told my family about, things that I haven’t even come out publicly about, as to why I support certain things, about sexual assault and bullying.”

Most recently, Paulie faced backlash for cheating on his girlfriend (former Bachelor contestant) Danielle Maltby after hooking up with Cara Maria Sorbello during this season of The Challenge. Even though the highly anticipated new season hasn't premiered yet, he broke his silence on social media. “Let me start on infidelity, I’m not married and I don’t have children," he wrote via Twitter on June 8. "Do I one day hope to have them? Absolutely. For now I can’t be monogamous to one person, I’ve tried and it doesn’t work.”

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Paulie also previously got a lot of flak for the way he handled his relationship with Zakiyah Everette on Big Brother. After his stint on the hit series, Paulie decided to focus on the silver lining, so he began raising money for individuals who faced scrutiny from cyberbullies, just like Zakiyah did after her time ended on the show. “The girl I was dating was catching a lot of heat on social media for being with me because of the way I played the game," Paulie said on the Challenge Mania podcast. "She was saying how she wanted to kill herself. So I decided to raise money for the CyberSmile foundation, to try to turn a negative into a positive."

Unfortunately, Paulie's comments didn't appear to sit well with Zakiyah, since she responded to his interview by letting him know that she didn't appreciate his remarks. "It’s one thing to say I am ‘depressed’ but to say ‘I want to kill myself’ you are reaching," Zakiyah wrote via Twitter. "I love myself and the Lord way too much to allow any individual to bring me to the point where I want to take my own life, don’t ever twist my words,” she added. “Since we are on the topic, Stop latching on to my name for your OWN personal benefit Paulie. I know your character and who you really are.” Hopefully, they make amends soon!

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