Last night’s season finale of Big Brother left fans shocked when host Julie Chen announced that Josh Martinez was the Season 19 winner — and Paul Abrahamian was the runner-up (again). The 24-year-old — who was a frontrunner all season — came back for a second shot at the $500,000 prize after coming in second place last year. Luckily, furious fans are coming to his rescue, after calling the season the “worst Big Brother in history.

Although Paul earned a cool $50,000 for his efforts, one megafan in Paulsboro, New Jersey felt he was robbed of the win and the additional $450,000 in prize money, so he set up a GoFundMe account for him. As of the publication of this post, Devon Gray raised $205 for the sad sap — who made a total of $100,000 in two summers from both seasons. Life’s tough, huh?

josh martinez big brother

Josh Martinez competes in Big Brother‘s HOH competition ‘Sugar Shot.’

Following the ~big~ announcement, people took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the jury’s decision. One person wrote, “Paul is one of the best players I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. I cannot believe he was robbed of winning twice.” Another added, “Biggest disappointment in Big Brother history! PAUL WAS MOST DESERVING! Stats don’t lie.” A third chimed in, “JOSH WINNING BIG BROTHER IS LIKE TRUMP BEING PRESIDENT. NEITHER OF THEM DESERVE THIS.” Even Julie felt like Paul should have won. She told Entertainment Weekly, “I think the jury made the wrong choice. Paul was robbed.”

Josh was an early target in the house, often homesick and sick of his fellow houseguests. He was frequently called out by the others for crying, whining, and suggesting people were out to get him. Which, to be fair, they usually were. Yet when it came down to making the final call, the reason for Paul’s loss was made loud and clear by juror Elena Davies, who scolded Paul for his poor jury management. Although he had won the most competitions and orchestrated nearly every eviction, he angered enough jurors to tip the scale 5-4 in favor of Josh. This meant that for the second year in a row, he lost out on the half a million dollars by one vote.

Yet not everyone was upset by Josh’s win. Some fans came to his defense. One wrote, “Congrats, Josh – first Latino male to win Big Brother!” Still, we can’t help but feel a little sorry for Paul. Another Twitter user said, “Paul Abrahamian. Always the bridesmaid, never the Big Brother bride.” Better luck next season?

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