She doesn’t want to hear it. Paola Mayfield of 90 Day Fiancé fame clapped back at a troll who criticized her for giving her son, Axel, a drink they didn’t find appropriate. “We start our mornings super early, Axel with fruit and mommy with tea or coffee but today we are starting a new challenge,” she began the caption of a post on October 17. “We are going to be drinking celery juice for a month 😋. I will let you know how it goes! The benefits are amazing by the way!😚 How do you start your mornings?”

Someone then commented, “Poor baby, just give him apple juice, fruit peach.” Pao, 32, responded, “He actually eats all of that as our meals are base[d] on fresh organic food. This is part of our diet. And please don’t ‘poor’ my baby [because] he is doing wonderful!”

90 Day Fiance Paola Mayfield Claps Back Troll Son Celery Juice

Unfortunately for the reality TV mom, that follower wasn’t the only one who had something to say in the replies. “Seriously poor baby, just [because] you do it doesn’t mean he has to suffer,” someone else wrote.

But she had a lot of supporters, too. “How is drinking celery juice suffering? My baby has celery juice all the time, it’s literally her favorite snack,” one follower noted. Another wrote, “Poor baby, a mom is giving him healthy foods and starting him off right in the world. Kids eat whatever you give them.”

90 Day Fiance Paola Mayfield Claps Back Troll Son Celery Juice
Courtesy of Paola Mayfield/Instagram

This is not the first time Paola has clapped back after someone criticized one of her healthy habits. When she was pregnant with her son, she got shamed for exercising while expecting, with fans leaving her comments like, “I just saw a video of you pick up weights around your waist. Please tell me that that was before you were p.g. I’m old school Hispanic and you should take it easy. Just my opinion.”

After getting that criticism for continuing her workouts during pregnancy in August 2018, she posted a screenshot of an Instagram comment from a health professional on her Story that noted how her workouts were totally safe. Obviously, everything turned out fine and Axel is now a happy, healthy baby, so we’re gonna go ahead and say that mama and her doctors know best in these cases.

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