They know how to have fun together! OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby shared some videos and photos from an outing she and her husband, Adam Busby, made to get crawfish together and ended up trolling him before the night was over — with the help of a Justin Bieber song.

At first, Danielle, 36, joked about how her spouse was going to get the food all over his nice outfit before panning to show what he was wearing in a video she shared via her Instagram Story. She quoted Justin’s “Yummy” and goes, “It’s got that yummy,” which made her 37-year-old husband laugh. She then uploaded a clip of the song coming on in the car when they were on their way to the restaurant, and she turns the camera to show her husband’s face as he realizes the tune that’s playing. LOL!

“Adam loves this song,” Dani joked before Adam quickly quipped while pointing at his wife, “Because she’s got that yummy.” Smooth! She told the camera that her husband has been just waiting to make that joke before they both burst into gleeful laughter. Perfect timing all around, guys, really.

'OutDaughtered' Star Danielle Busby Trolls Husband Adam With the Help of a Justin Bieber Song inline 1
Courtesy of Danielle Busby/Instagram

The couple clearly really enjoys the time they get to spend together, trolling moments and all. For instance, Danielle posted a selfie of the two of them on January 29 and told their followers they were headed out for date night, which they seem to do pretty often! Adam also shared photos from a night out the two got to spend together on February 8, and in the caption, he called his wife his “number one.Aww. 

While the duo certainly appreciates each other’s company, they’re definitely not above trolling one another when the opportunity arises. For instance, Danielle teased her husband over his baking skills back in November 2018, going as far as posting a video to her Instagram Story to gently poke fun at him.

Plus, when Adam commented on one of his wife’s posts on January 29 and said she still gives him “butterflies” when she walks into a room, she responded to her hubby, “You sure it’s not just indigestion?” See? He can’t even be cute without her teasing him!

We hope you keep on laughing together for years to come, Busbys.

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