Sorry, did we miss the memo or something? Are guys no longer allowed to have a sweet tooth or a dessert craving? Is it somehow emasculating to bake a cake for someone you appreciate? Because Adam Busby just got called TF out by his wife Danielle Busby when he decided to do a super nice gesture for the OutDaughtered filming crew. Instead of showering him with compliments (and sneaking a slice for herself), the mom-of-six decided to drag her husband when he got crafty in the kitchen.

“So it’s that time of the month, huh, Buzz?” Danielle teased him in a video shared to her Instagram story. “Got a sugar high?” That wasn’t all, though. In addition to making jokes at his expense while they were filming, she also added a couple as captions to the clip. We grabbed a screenshot of the video, so you can see it for yourself, but it reads, “And it’s not even chocolate. Totally now a woman lol.”

Danielle Busby Mocks Adam On Instagram

It’s new information to us that vanilla is the more feminine flavor, especially considering the whole association between eating chocolate while you’re on your period, but this whole thing is going over our heads. We’re hoping that Adam found it funny, because honestly, we’re not really seeing what’s clever about the joke. Danielle must’ve just been in a taunting mood, though, because even the crew wasn’t spared her comments. “What, are y’all eating the pan?!” she teased when they eagerly went for the treat.

Maybe we’re just not getting it, though, because if our husbands wanted to bake a cake, we’d be thrilled. We certainly wouldn’t discourage him from making more baked goods by implying that the only reason he was doing it was because it was “that time of the month.” Like, girl, you’re getting free cake — are you trying to mess it up? Then again, the 34-year-old is all about eating healthy and working out, so maybe this is a case of sabotage. You can’t cheat on your diet and eat cake if there’s no cake in the house, now can you? Maybe Danielle deserves a little more credit than we’re giving her. Orrrrr maybe the couple just teases each other a lot. Is there a possibility this is their shared sense of humor? For Adam’s sake, we kind of hope so — but for their kids’ sake, we’re going to pretend this was a one-off.

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