OutDaughtered stars Danielle Busby and Adam Busby are on the same page when it comes to allowing their kids dating.

“It’s forbidden,” Adam, 41, told Us Weekly on Wednesday, May 1, when asked his thoughts on their six daughters starting to date. However, Danielle, 40, clarified that “it’s forbidden until you’re out of college, or at least high school.”

Danielle and Adam – who tied the knot in 2006 – share kids Blayke, 13, and quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker, 9.

While they likely won’t have to worry about the quintuplets dating anytime soon, Danielle and Adam know that their teenage daughter will likely start being interested in boys soon. “I think Blayke is finding a way to be like, ‘Oh, that boy’s cute.’ Or, ‘Yeah, I kind of have a crush on him,’” the mother of six shared, adding that their eldest daughter is “becoming more vocal, but not with dad.”

“We’re not doing the whole dating thing until you can pay for your own date and get yourself there,” Danielle said about their kids dating, noting it’s “pretty funny” to hear the “boyfriend talk” in their home.

She shared that someone is always “picking on someone about ‘you got partnered with this boy in our classroom, so you like him’” in their household. “It’s like, ‘No, I don’t. I just got partnered with him,’ or, ‘I didn’t get to pick it, the teacher did,’” she continued, mimicking the teasing.

Not only are the parents worried about their daughters potentially dating, but they admitted that they aren’t thrilled with Blayke’s changing “attitude” as a teenager.

OutDaughtered’s Danielle and Adam Busby Say They Have ‘Forbidden’ Kids From Dating

“Blayke, who’s always been super graceful and just super sweet, is now starting to get this talk-back attitude and you almost want to laugh because it’s not something you see often,” Danielle stated. “It’s kind of funny, but then you’re like, ‘Hold up. You can’t talk to me like that. I’m your parent.’”

Another change they are facing is that the girls seem to value Danielle’s opinions more than Adam’s. “They come to mom. There’s kind of becoming this divide of [Blayke] wanting to come to me more,” she explained to the outlet. “It’s kind of like, ‘I need this or can you help with this,’ or ‘Oh no, I’m not telling daddy that.’”

Fans can continue to catch up with Danielle, Adam and their daughters when season 10 of OutDaughtered premieres on TLC Tuesday, May 7, at 9 p.m. ET.

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