She’s too cute! OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby posted a super sweet video that featured him and one of his daughters Hazel Busby playing a sort of peek-a-boo game, and you’ve got to see it to understand just how adorable it really is. Although, is it ever really a surprise when Hazel does something lovable?

In the video Adam, 36, shared to his Instagram Story, he sat across from his 3-year-old in what appears to be an outdoor porch area. The clip began with the reality TV show dad saying, “Where is Hazel? Where is Hazel?” and with the camera pointed at a tiny figure on some patio seating across from him. The figure was covered in a towel which was quickly whipped off to reveal little Hazel. Found her!

hazel busby and danielle

Hazel then rushed to cover herself up with the towel again, and another person nearby proceeded to play the game with her too. The little girl clearly delighted in the interaction, and frankly, we would love to play peek-a-boo with the OutDaughtered star is we had the chance. Remember when such a simple game could keep you entertained for hours?

Hazel — one of the five Busby quintuplets — seems to adore playing with her daddy. In another Instagram Story post in late February, Adam shared a different clip featuring the toddler cuddling up to her dad. Both of them are grinning like idiots in the video, and obviously loved the snuggle time they got in.

Adam hasn’t been sharing as many videos with OutDaughtered fans on social media lately, although the clips he does share are always #quality. When a fan asked Adam on an Instagram post in February, “Why no videos these days?” he explained that the family is in the middle of filming a new season of their reality show, and that “takes priority over family YouTube vlogs.” Makes sense to us! We’ll take all the Busby family cuteness we can get, but we can wait for another season of their series if we really have to.

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