After struggling to conceive naturally, Adam and Danielle Busby are now counting their (six) blessings. The Texas couple and their children — six-year-old Blayke and two-year-old quintuplet girls Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel — document the shenanigans that go down in a houseful of nearly all women on their hit TLC show OutDaughtered.

The two met at work when she was 19 and he was 20. In an interview with StyleBlueprint, Danielle described the day she and her now hubby met. She said, “Adam and I met at Target. We both worked at Target in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and just kind of hit it off from working side by side, and we fell in love. I like to tell everyone our carts collided in aisle five.” So sweet!

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Yet fans of the show have recently been wondering if it’s possible to have that many children at once without the use of fertility treatments or if Danielle had been struggling to conceive. As it turns out, it was the latter. Although multiple pregnancies are possible without the use of drugs, Danielle openly admitted on her blog that she didn’t ovulate regularly. She also revealed that Adam’s testosterone, sperm count, and motility were low, so the doctor actually prescribed them the same medication, Clomid. This would help Adam increase his sperm count and help Danielle produce eggs and ovulate regularly. She said, “What an adventure for Adam, lol… still makes me laugh at the multiple appointments he had and the experiences he went through, hahaha. Nothing like your Urologist being at Baylor and having multiple students in the room every appointment.”

All jokes aside, however, it wasn’t an easy journey for the Busby family. Danielle continued, “We went through five cycles (five months) with me being on Clomid and doing IUI … and no success. I was also creating and ovulating three-four eggs each cycle, so you would have thought ONE egg would have made a match. My doctor did warn us it usually takes three cycles to receive a positive.” Unfortunately, with no success, their doctor suggested in virto fertilization, but at that point, the process had gotten too stressful, time-consuming, and expensive, so they decided to stop “trying.”

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A few weeks later, Danielle expressed to Adam that she wanted to give it another try, so she switched to the drug Femara instead. This time, it worked! Blayke was conceived, and the couple couldn’t have been happier. They knew, however, that they wanted to expand their family, which would lead to another uphill battled.

This time around, Adam was able to go off Clomid, while Danielle continued with Femara, since that worked for her before; the dosage remained the same. The IUI procedure went smoothly, and this time, and her blood work revealed that her HCG level were 580 — which meant she was pregnant! After talking to friends of hers, they suggested that she may be carrying twins because of how high that number was. Suddenly, that number skyrocketed to 3200, and every time they went in for an ultrasound, more babies seemed to have been found! She said, “We were told by the doctor to come back in two weeks for another ultrasound and to prepare ourselves for what could possibly happen… we may not see this many babies next time. We go back and what do you know… God had more in store for us. We immediately saw two babies in one sac…AND that was NOT there last time.” Danielle gave birth to five healthy baby girls on April 8, 2015 — and they’re a true inspiration to other couples struggling to conceive!

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