So fresh and so green! Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. “Octomom,” revealed what she has been feeding her family to stay healthy amid the coronavirus pandemic. The mother of 14 shared a new photo in the produce section at her local supermarket on Friday, March 27, detailing what she purchased during her shopping trip.

Calyssa caught me off guard while immersed in MY kind of shopping … for a plethora of plants,” the media personality, 44, captioned her latest portrait on Instagram.

“Families, the MOST effective line of defense against pathogens (such as COVID-19) is to strengthen your immune system. How? By significantly increasing your daily intake of raw vegetables (particularly green leafy) and fruit! Plants supply our bodies with a vast array of micronutrients (more essential than macronutrients).”

Octomom Healthy Eating
Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

The “fitness fanatic” admitted her kids eat a “plentiful variety of both,” before discussing how she blends her nutritious vegetable drinks on a daily basis. Nadya — who goes by Natalie Solomon/Suleman on social media —  said she mixes chard, collard greens, Lacinato kale, bell pepper, red beet, zucchini, yellow squash and more.

While opening up about her dietary regimen, the self-described “ethical vegan” explained why she blends her vegetables instead of juicing them, noting the latter “removes the pulp, which contains the richest source of micronutrients.”

“Not too tasty,” Nadya continued. “So if you are only starting out I suggest juicing (better than no vegetables at all). However, before blending or juicing you must soak and scrub all raw vegetables / fruit with veggie wash and clean water (regular bottled spring is best). #NaturalMedicine #EatToLiveNotLiveToEat #HealthyFamily.”

'Octomom' Nadya Suleman Shows Off Gorgeous Figure in New Selfie
Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Earlier this week, the star shut down critics after sharing a video from her visit to Target. Some of her followers called her out for buying too many wipes, but Nadya explained she had an important reason for buying in bulk.

“Sorry (not sorry), but not only is my son severely disabled requiring diapers 24/7, but [toilet paper] and paper towels are off the shelves in every store, in every city, throughout my hometown of (the most judgmental) California,” she replied. “Not sure if you’ve heard, I also have 14 children to provide for [laughing emoji].”

Not long after, some fans chimed in to defend her. “She doesn’t have to explain why?” one commented. “She owes you nothing. Stop judging.”

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