She’s not here for it. Jersey Shore alum Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi posted a photo from her workout on Instagram on January 2, then slammed a troll in the comments when they criticized her routine.

“Today’s workout: Walking Handstands and Spin 👊🏽,” Snooki, 32, captioned the impressive shot of her doing a handstand. Someone then commented, “You know you’re not doing a real workout when you have to post it online to prove to everyone you’re doing it 😂😂😂.” That definitely set Snooki off.

snooki doing a handstand during her workout
Courtesy of Snooki/Instagram

“Actually did a sick ass workout and continue to,” the former reality star replied. “I enjoy posting it on my social media because 1 — I can. 2 — I love showing people it can be done. ESPECIALLY other busy moms! 3 — I’m a f–king beast.” And that’s that, troll!

Courtesy of Snooki/Instagram

Other people in the replies absolutely loved Snooki’s clapback. ” LET THEM KNOOOOOW 🤘🏽🤘🏽,” one person wrote. Another fan commented, “EXACTLY! Love your posts Snooki! I’m a mom of two and you inspire me to get fit!” Someone else said, “Hop off her Insta, bet you can’t do this. You’re [obviously] just jealous your child bod won’t reach this level of beast.” These people clearly did not come to play.

Snooki also shared videos to her Instagram Story proving just how much of a workout she completed. She shared clips of herself doing donkey kicks and a round of Spin, and definitely didn’t look like someone who wasn’t working on a “real workout.”

snooki does donkey kicks during workout
Courtesy of Snooki/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Snooki has clapped back at a hater, even in recent memory. When she announced her decision to leave Jersey Shore, someone tweeted about it, “Great! NJ finally gets rid of her!” The reality star replied, “I’m still here in Jersey, Mary, and will always be. Come at me, bruh.”

She’s also been known to slam trolls who involve her kids in their comments. In July, she posted a photo of herself with her daughter, Giovanna, where both of them were smiling at the camera. For some reason, a person decided to comment, “I hope she’s not a hot mess in her prime like Snooki was.” That time, the mom replied, “Let us live,” along with an eye-roll emoji.” Do trolls really need more attention than that, anyway? We think not.

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