When viewers first met My 600-Lb Life star Teretha Hollis-Neely way back in early 2016, the outlook was grim for the 47-year-old. She had been bedridden for two years, was severely depressed, and tipped the scales at 800 pounds. What a difference a couple of years make!

In her episode of the TLC show, Teretha sought out Texas-based bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, to help her save her life. At the time, the Detroit native couldn’t even stand, requiring five to six people to hold her up. She also feared that she might have a stroke like her mother did at her age. Luckily, he agreed to help her go through with the weight loss surgery.

While dealing with the physical aspects of her weight, she also had to face the emotional trauma that had contributed to her size. As an 11-year-old, Teretha was molested by her uncle, spurring her to rapidly gain weight at a young age. Then, at just 15, she learned she was pregnant. Things got worse years later when she lost her job as a health coordinator who was supposed to be teaching her students about healthy eating.

After tackling her demons and the surgery itself, the wife and mother dropped an impressive 340 pounds, going down to 460 pounds. She was also able to stand for the first time in years — though, admittedly, with help. However, when we checked in with her a year into her journey back in spring 2017, she was still mostly stuck in bed and working toward further weight loss. So how is she doing six months later?

teretha my 600-lb life — tlc

According to her social media activity, a lot better! Teretha keeps fans updated on her weight loss journey on Facebook. In September 2017, she posted about her weight loss journey. “I never thought that I would live to see my 50th birthday after becoming bedridden in 2014. But with GOD’S GRACE, MERCY & BLESSINGS that he has stored upon my life the past 2 years has been world wind filled with BLESSINGS & UNBELIEVABLE MIRACLES!!!” she gushed at the time. “But,from the time I hit Detroit soil I have been working hard to keep losing this weight and to get back on my feet!!!”

It helps that she’s in great spirits, spending time with her grandkids and family. She’s also making sure to get in regular workouts, which she shares in Facebook videos. Keep up the good work, Teretha!

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