Nearly four years after her last appearance on My 600-lb Life, very little is known about Penny Saegar. One of the most controversial patients in the show’s history, Penny was accused of being “delusional” by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

One year after her weight loss surgery, Penny weighed in at 494 pounds on the TLC series’ Where Are They Now episode. However, she did admit to quitting her weight loss program and moving back home to Maryland. “It’s been a much more positive experience here without someone telling me I’m not doing a good job. I don’t feel the need to be on a scale because it doesn’t matter,” she said in 2015. “I’m better off now than how I was before because I can feel it.”

Doctors disagreed with Penny, who is also a mom to young son Liam. “Penny did have moments that she will try to get up and out of the bed, but the progress never continued,” a doctor said at the time. “It was usually the way to create the illusion that she was making progress and to convince others that she was getting healthier. It’s not progress if you go back and do the work you were doing before.”

Fast forward to 2018, and Penny has not shared a photo of herself on social media in a couple of years and her last Facebook selfie, taken in 2016, shows her noticeably slimmer but nowhere near her 190-pound goal. Her husband Edgar, who was known on the show for enabling her destructive behavior, also started a GoFundMe page for his wife — but the couple was only able to raise $200. Fans of the show lashed out Penny and Edgar for trying to profit from her disability when it seems she does not want to get help.

“Edgar, you can’t be seriously still not working and taking care of her? Penny was given a once in a lifetime opportunity, borrowed from people to help her get the surgery, people’s hard earned money, to not only not follow the diet, but to not even try,” one viewer commented before another added, “Edgar, please take your son and get the hell away from Penny. She is poison to both you and Liam. Your son deserves a normal life, as do you.”

As for Penny, we have a feeling she is still doing weight loss “her own way.” “Am I going to have days when I fail? Yeah. But that doesn’t mean that tomorrow I don’t do the right thing again” she said in her last words on the show. “I’m going to keep doing it like I want, at my own pace. Nothing’s going to change that. I feel like I’m doing well, and that makes me happy.”

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