TLC left us on quite a cliffhanger on the May 2 episode of My 600-lb Life. In that first installment of a two-parter the network calls "One Ton Family," we met the three Perrio siblings who were trying to lose weight together with the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. We won't find out how Roshanda, Clarence, and Brandie fared until next Wednesday, May 9, but selfies the sibs posted online might spoil the ending…

In those photos, all three of the Perrio siblings look slimmer. And we're hoping their weight loss results — which TLC will divulge next week — will back up that hunch. We're rooting for this trio, especially since they've had more than their fair share of troubles.

When we met these Louisiana natives, Clarence was the only one mobile enough to take care of himself and his siblings. He and his sisters revealed they had struggled with obesity for their entire lives and had even faced life-threatening health issues. They traveled to meet Dr. Now in Houston, and that's when they had to face the music in regard to their starting weights. Clarence weighed in at 582 pounds, and Brandie measured 620 pounds, but Roshanda's case was the gravest: She weighed in at 803 pounds.

Dr. Now kept the two sisters in the hospital and put them on a controlled diet while Clarence returned home to continue working. Within two weeks, each of the women had lost more than 30 pounds, and Clarence had lost five. They ended up moving to Houston, after which Clarence and Brandie each lost around 100 pounds and were cleared for weight loss surgery. Meanwhile, Roshanda lost more than 130 pounds, but Dr. Now needed her to lose more weight before she could undergo the surgery. Unfortunately, Roshanda ended up gaining weight — to the tune of 70 pounds.

Then came another setback: Clarence changed his mind about getting the surgery, expressing resistance after revealing their mother had died during a surgical procedure. Dr. Now told him he should seek therapy and continue to lose weight independently.

We'll keep our fingers crossed as we wait to see how successful Clarence and his sisters were! My 600-lb Life's "One Ton Family" concludes on TLC on May 9 at 8 p.m. ET.

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