She’s such an inspiration! When viewers were first introduced to Brittani Fulfer in January 2016, she weighed 605 pounds. And since then, the My 600-lb Life star has completely turned her life around and her incredible weight loss transformation will astonish you.

Only one week ago, the former TLC star shared a selfie and she was all smiles while showing off her new look. Prior to that, Brittani opened up to fans about how proud she was of her fitness journey thus far. “Me on my birthday a couple weeks ago,” she wrote in a candid Facebook post on Sept. 20. “Three years ago I weighed 600 pounds. Now I am stronger, healthier, and more alive than I thought was ever possible! Am I skinny? Nope! Am I okay with that? Yep! My goal is to be healthy not skinny! Remember to love yourself today! Be blessed!” Brittani’s gone through a lot and yet she’s managed to come out stronger with her husband, Bill, right by her side.


During her 2016 episode, Brittani revealed that she was sexually abused as a child and the traumatizing experience led her to spiral out of control when it came to her weight. At only five-years-old, a family member molested her and the abuse continued for another six years. In order to process those feelings and cope, Brittani turned to food and eventually admitted to sitting on the couch for up to eight hours a day. When she was at her peak weight, Brittani confessed that she consumed more than 35,000 calories on her worst day.


By the end of that episode, Brittani had lost 230 pounds and on a follow-up episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, Brittani dropped an additional 103 pounds and had 27 pounds of fat taken off her stomach. “One of the questions I get the most is would I do this whole experience over again,” Brittani recently revealed in a heartfelt post. “The answer is…in less than a heartbeat. I have become much more the me I have always wanted to be. I WILL ALWAYS be forever grateful for this experience. I believe that nothing in life worth doing is easy. It is hard work every day.”

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