When Miley Cyrus went on a Twitter rant about her split from Liam Hemsworth, one particular tweet caught fans’ eye. On Thursday, August 22, she reminded followers about how she was fired from the movie Hotel Transylvania because she’d bought a penis cake for her man’s birthday — and then licked it. For 2012 Miley, who’d already released “Can’t Be Tamed” and danced on a pole at the Teen Choice Awards years earlier, the behavior wasn’t all that shocking. The photos, on the other hand, actually are pretty disturbing. Check them out on TMZ here.

The d–k shaped dessert made its debut at Liam’s 22nd birthday party in January 2012 back when Miley was only 19. Made of red velvet cake with chocolate frosting, the treat was surrounded with red frosting decorations and a message that read, “Happy Birthday, Liam.” At the time, Miley was pictured sticking her tongue out as she leaned over the cake as if to take a big lick of frosting. In another photo, she held out a knife to cut the cake as she pretended to take a big old bite.

Miley Cyrus Tweets About Liam Hemsworth Breakup 5
Courtesy of Miley Cyrus/Twitter

Twitter, of course, is having a total field day with the tweet. “Let he who is without sin lick the first penis cake,” joked one user. Another dug up an old tweet from February 2012 announcing that Selena Gomez would be taking over Miley’s role in the animated vampire flick, adding, “All because of a penis cake.” A third teased, “So Selena only got the job because Miley licked a penis cake? No words.”

For the most part, though, fans were shook that the “Slide Away” singer referenced the dessert at all. “She never addressed the penis cake and the bong thing,” noted one. “I’m shook; she never opens up for us so much.” She also hasn’t spoken out about Liam directly, though she did hint about their relationship in her new song and write Instagram captions about how “change is inevitable.”

Other than feeling like she has to address cheating rumors, though, it seems the singer is doing just fine. “Miley’s the happiest she’s been in years,” a source exclusively told In Touch. “She’s embracing her sexuality and newfound freedom, and telling pals she can finally be herself without anyone getting in the way.”

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