It was a heartbreaking experience. Meghan McCain bravely opened up about one of the darkest times in her life, revealing that she suffered a miscarriage in early July. She spoke about the devastating incident in a published op-ed for the New York Times on Friday, July 19.

Meghan, 34, revealed that she found out the fate of her unborn child on the day of her photo shoot for Times‘ cover story — highlighting the success of The View. Meghan said the doctor confirmed the news that she already felt inside. “It should have been a moment of triumph — a vindication of the show’s significance as a place at the center of political debate, a ratings boom, a must for the top tier of presidential candidates,” Megan confessed, explaining how she felt conflicted. “I should have been proud,” she added. “I knew my father would have been proud.”

The TV personality revealed that she now looks back at those photos and sees “a woman hiding her shock and sorrow.” After finding out that she tragically miscarried, Meghan said she missed a few days of work. “It wasn’t many, but given the job I have, it was enough to spark gossip about why I would be away from The View. This was not supposed to be public knowledge.”

Meghan McCain Suffered Devastating Miscarriage
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“My miscarriage was a horrendous experience and I would not wish it upon anyone,” Meghan added, while revealing why she is now sharing her story. The author noted how there are three million lost children in America each year, so women need to be able to speak about this publicly.

Meghan also confessed that she had so many hopes and dreams for her child, explaining that she thought about all the possibilities for the future — names, education, upbringing, faith and more. When things didn’t go to plan, Meghan said she initially blamed herself for the unbearable loss, asking, “Why was an innocent life created in the image of God and then abruptly snuffed out?”

The ABC Politics analyst continued, “I loved my baby, and I always will. To the end of my days I will remember this child — and whatever children come will not obscure that. I have love for my child. I have love for all the women who, like me, were briefly in the sisterhood of motherhood, hoping, praying and nursing joy within us, until the day the joy was over. You are not alone.”

Meghan said that after her father, John McCain, passed away in August 2018, she imagined reuniting in heaven with him one day, but now she sees that moment going a bit differently. Meghan concluded, “There is my father — and he is holding his granddaughter in his hands.”

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