Funny or controversial? Duchess Meghan‘s (née Markle) estranged half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., “steals” from the royal family in an upcoming commercial for Queens-based wholesaler Classic New York Beer. Thomas stars in the 30-second advertisement which is meant to be comical, showing him taking a few items from what appears to be the Buckingham Palace.

In the beginning of the clip, Thomas, 53, is dressed in all-black like a burglar while ransacking the place, Us Weekly reports. At one point, he spots Queen Elizabeth II’s crown and decides to take it for himself. But that’s not all. Thomas’ character also sees a cabinet full of brews and grabs a few for the road before getting caught red-handed by a guard.

After being ordered to drop the stolen loot, Thomas leaves behind the crown and quickly makes his exit to a Rolls Royce getaway car. Inside the vehicle is Meghan, 38, who is portrayed by actress Renee Wood. The Meghan lookalike then reportedly asks Thomas if he scored the “jewels,” and he lets her know that he left with something “better” a.k.a. the brews.

When Thomas pulls out the Classic New York Beer, they toast and Meghan’s character calls the beverage “priceless.”

Meghan Markle Half Brother Steals From Royal Fam Beer Ad

So, what does Thomas believe the reaction to the commercial will be? “I don’t think anyone would be upset by it. It’s not going to piss anyone off,” he told the New York Post about the ad, which is set to air in China very soon, before debuting on televisions in America. “Renee did a great job as Meghan,” he claimed. “It was a little comical. That was the point.”

Thomas is also optimistic that it will help rebuild his relationship with his half-sister. “It would be great to get together and have a Classic New York Beer,” he said. “After all, in the ad she said it was priceless.”

Meghan Markle Half Brother Steals From Royal Fam Beer Ad
James Veysey/Shutterstock

Meghan tied the knot with her royal husband, Prince Harry, in May 2018, and the following year, the couple welcomed their first child together — a precious baby boy named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Just one day after Archie’s birth, Thomas Jr. spoke out about his strained relationship with Meghan.

“She should let the family come over and meet the new baby,” he told a U.K. publication in May. “Hopefully she won’t be unfair and withhold him from everybody.”

Thomas added, “I hope she’ll reach out and make the baby a part of everybody’s life.”

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