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See Modern Day Olsen Twins in Their Classic Straight-to-Video Movies

If you grew up on Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, you probably shed a tear whenever you come across a dusty VHS of Billboard Dad. You look at the twins' pure, near-identical (they're fraternal, kids, your entire life is a lie) faces and "The Way We Were" plays in your head. MK & A will eternally be '90s icons and modern day fashion queens, but these days they're looking a little bit…haggard. And not just because they constantly look like they're drowning in their couture, but because they look so much different than the little tykes sing-songing "I Am the Cute One." It's a real Sophie's Choice about who's the cute one now, because these days they're looking like the witch aunts from Double, Double Toil and Trouble.

Since we're really big on creating nightmare fuel, we decided to ruin your childhood full force by mashing up old Olsen Twins classics with their new faces. This is what it would look like if the 31-year-old fashion moguls starred in their hokey, turn-of-the-millennium movies today.

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