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Married at First Sight: Nathan Tells Sheila He Doesn’t Want to Be Married Anymore After an Epic Blow-Up…Over Ping-Pong

Last week on Married at First Sight the couples, who are still on their honeymoons, finally started to consummate their marriages. That turned out to be a great decision for one couple, and a bad one for another.

However, this week, as the couples finally wrap up The Honeymoon That Never Ends, they’re confronted with reality — and for Sheila and Nathan, it might be their downfall as they get into one of the biggest fights we’ve ever seen on MAFS.

Ashley and Anthony

mafs episode 5 season 5

At the beginning of the episode, Ashley announces that she and Anthony have consummated their marriage — although they sort of told us that last week. Things are going really well for them, so much so that they’re even talking about babies! No joke.

Ashley tells the camera she wants babies “yesterday” as she and Anthony talk about how many children they want. They both agree on “two or three” as Ashley gushes to the camera that she loves watching Anthony talk just because she loves staring at his face. She’s falling for him hard.

mafs episode 5 recap

During their last dinner on their honeymoon, the subject of babies pops up again. Anthony asks her how soon does she want kids. She pauses for a second, trying to suppress her desire to scream “NOW! I WANT KIDS NOW! I’M 30! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! IMPREGNATE MEEEE!” and instead opts for a more diplomatic answer: “I guess within a year?”

Uh oh, Anthony doesn’t like that answer. “She’s talking about marriage and kids within a month of us knowing each other,” he tells the camera. “It’s like, ‘Hey, breathe.'”

But Ashley tells the camera she doesn’t want to wait “five years” for a baby.

Although they might clash on when to have children, out of all the couples, things seems to be working out the best for them — which is good, because the other two couples are a complete train wreck.

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Danielle and Cody

mafs episode 5 season 5

The two “fitness gurus” are sort of stuck in the intimacy department, and the more we watch them, the more they start to resemble season four’s Sonia and Nick (who are now divorced). Watching them interact is seriously awkward. Danielle says the problem is that she wants Cody to “be a man” and to “step up.” She tells the camera that if Cody learns how to be more of a leader, it would allow her to feel more “like the girl in the relationship.”

Oh, and it gets worse. While the couple is out speedboating, Cody accidentally falls off the boat and into the water. Danielle then scoots into the driver seat and takes the lead — you know, doing the very thing that she hates.

mafs episode 5 season 5

In fact, Danielle spends the majority of this episode testing Cody’s manhood. After he fails her speedboat test, he then has to “prove” his love to her by conquering his fear of heights and going ziplining. Danielle tells the camera that if Cody’s more fearless, adventurous, and “manly” she might develop romantic feelings for him.

If you’re as annoyed with Danielle as we are, you’re not the only one. Dr. Pepper Schwartz pops up with a nice smackdown.

“Danielle has to lower her expeditions,” Dr. Pepper says. “She has a vision of manliness that I don’t think is very good for a marriage. And I think there are many ways that her husband is manly if she looks at her definition and tweaks it some.”

mafs episode 5 recap

On the couple’s last day of their honeymoon, they go to an upscale restaurant, where Danielle forces Cody through another test of his manliness and dares him to eat the cooked head of a fish.

“Are you going to call me a baby-man if I don’t?” he asks.

“Not to your face,” she responds. Wow — seriously, Danielle? And what great attributes are you contributing to this relationship?

Perhaps that was the last straw for Cody, because when they both return to their hotel, Cody drops a bomb.

“I feel like we’re not on the same wavelength,” he tells her. “I feel like I’m forcing a little bit.”

Surprisingly, Danielle is blind-sighted! “I think it’s good where we’re at,” she tells him.

Whatever, Danielle. What-ever.

Nathan and Sheila

mafs episode 5

Oh, boy. Things do not go well for them this week. At the beginning of the episode they’re doing fine and getting along, but a game of ping-pong (no joke) changes everything.

While playing a match together, Sheila, who’s winning, notices that Nathan is getting upset every time he loses.

mafs episode 5 recap

“He’s taking this a lot more seriously than I,” she tells the camera. “I’m quickly getting annoyed. Dude relax, it’s ping-pong.”

After “the most tense ping-pong match in history” is over, Sheila tells Nathan that he’s a “sore loser.” Instead of apologizing, Nathan gets defensive. “You’ll never find me not caring about succeeding,” he tells her.

“You feel the need to distinguish my light in order for yours to shine brighter,” she tells him.

“Don’t do that again,” he responds. “That’s borderline disrespectful.”

Yikes. After their argument, Nathan tries to hold Sheila’s hand, but she’s not having it.

“I’m not going to pretend,” she tells him. “I’m not going to hold your hand.”

“Feels like a sign of rejection,” Nathan tells the camera. “This is some disrespect. Don’t reject your husband.”

If you think things sound bad now, it get even worse.

mafs episode 5 season 5

Sheila then reveals to the camera that Nathan told her off-camera that he didn’t want to be married to her anymore. In tears, she calls up relationship expert Calvin Roberson.

“Words are damaging, so I’m done,” she says. “I’m still committed, and the fact that his commitment level doesn’t go very far is a huge problem for me…He could have said anything else to me — anything else in the world and I would have forgave him!”

On the last day on their honeymoon, they decide to have one last dinner together. Judging by Sheila’s face, she looks ecstatic.

mafs episode 5 season 5

Over dinner, Nathan attempts to apologize. “When I felt disrespected by you, it made me want to pull back,” he tells her.

Sheila then launches into a poetic monologue that literally sounds like dialogue from a rom-com.

“I spent the majority of my 20s trying to convince men that they wanted this…that I was worth it,” she says through tears. “When I’m easy to love, I’m easy to love. I never had someone to love me when I wasn’t easy to love.”

mafs season five episode 5

Overwhelmed with emotions, Sheila then stands up and tells Nathan that she doesn’t want to have dinner with him and abruptly leaves.

Although, weirdly enough, in the previews for next week we see Sheila and Nathan looking happier, so maybe they work things out. But we’re doubtful.

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