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‘Married at First Sight’: Sheila Reveals She’s Never Had an Orgasm, Still Waiting on One From Her Husband

The past couple of episodes of Married at First Sight have been sort of static — either all the couples are doing great or all the couples are stuck in romantic “ruts.”

It was probably for that reason that this week’s show was all about intimacy — or lack thereof (looking at you, Danielle and Cody). The couples all met with sex expert Rachel DeAlto and tried to put their issues aside. However, Rachel inadvertently ended up creating new problems for some couples — or maybe that was all a part of her diabolical plan.

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Anthony and Ashley

Last week Anthony and Ashley got into an argument over whether or not Ashley would take Anthony’s last name (because apparently it’s 1953). In this episode, Ashley decides to squash the debate by buying Anthony a framed graphic that has the words “Mr. and Mrs. D’Amico” on it. Anthony is relieved that the issue has been resolved, however it might not be as resolved as he thinks.

mafs recap 8

“I won’t drop my last name completely,” she tells the camera. “I’m going to take his last name, I’m just not going to get rid of mine.” Wait, what does that even mean? If Ashley is talking about a whole hyphening situation, she might want to bring that up to Anthony because, according to his confessionals, he doesn’t support that either. Oh, well!

Next, the couple has their intimacy talk with Rachel. They first speak to her one-on-one and then together at the end. Anthony goes first and tells Rachel that everything’s great, except for the whole “last name” fight and the fact that Ashley’s family is too “involved” with her life.

“Where do you draw the line of involvement,” Anthony tells Rachel. “I don’t want to have an argument with her and have her run to her family about it.”

Next, it’s Ashley’s turn to speak to Rachel. She’s super pumped about it because, duh, intimacy is totally not a problem for her, so what could be the problem? The first thing out of Ashley’s mouth is that she loves that Anthony knows how to “handle” her and “calm” her when she’s feeling stressed.

Rachel replies, “Doesn’t that put a burden on him?”

Ashley’s defensive shield shoots up. “He doesn’t have to do those things if he doesn’t want to,” she says. Then she starts tearing up. “I didn’t think it was a problem, and now I do,” she whispers.

mafs recap 8

After her discussion with Rachel, Ashley goes to Anthony to tell him she has “mixed feelings” about Rachel’s advice. She says that if he has a problem with her that he would tell her, right? Anthony’s being weirdly silent, but he later reveals his true feelings in the confessional.

“She’s not in the best mood,” Anthony says. “So for me to tell her exactly how I feel is dangerous.”

mafs recap 8

Dangerous? Really, Anthony? Well, Rachel certainly unleashed a can of worms then.

Cody and Danielle

Every time Cody and Danielle appear on our TV we just sadly shake our heads. It’s like watching someone talk about their summer diet while scorching down a slice of pizza. Sure, Danielle and Cody say they want intimacy, but then they hop into bed and place two dogs in between them.

mafs recap 8

After Danielle brings up last week’s conflict, which was Cody canceling his plans with Danielle at the last minute, Cody responds by apologizing and inadvertently revealing a core flaw of his personality. “I suck at communicating,” he tells her. “I’ve always been a people-pleaser.” Um, Cody? Both of those things are terrible things to be.

However, after they squash things out, they decide to have a meeting with Rachel, the professional pot-stirrer, ahem, we mean sex expert. However, when she first enters the house, she’s rudely greeted by Danielle’s ill-behaved dogs who bark and lunge at her. Her face is priceless:

mafs recap 8

Danielle sits down to do her one-on-one first. She tells Rachel the usual, which is a long speech full of her usual buzz words, like “manly,” “Cody needs to step it up,” and “leadership.” She tells Rachel that there hasn’t been any intimacy since the honeymoon and that she doesn’t feel “a spark.” Cody comes in and pretty much says the same thing. Rachel’s advice? She tells Cody to be more active in creating intimacy and that Danielle should be more patient.

mafs recap 8

Cody takes the advice in stride and decides to whisk Danielle away on a date night. He even whips out an old leather jacket to show he means business.

mafs recap 8

During their date, they learn how to tango, which Danielle says is “sexy.” Later they go out for drinks where they have yet another conversation about their intimacy. Cody says in his confessionals that he can feel things getting better, but sorry, we’re not seeing it.

Nathan and Sheila

Nathan and Sheila have done a complete 180 since they almost landed in Splitsville during their honeymoon. Nathan says he’s on “cloud nine” and even brags about Sheila to his friends during a game of basketball. “Sheilllla,” he sings. “I just want to meet-cha.”

After last week’s table fight between Nathan and Sheila’s dad, Nathan is feeling extra confident that he and his “queen” can conquer anything together. “We’re on the same team,” he tells the camera about taking Sheila’s side during their dinner fight with Sheila’s dad. “We’ll always have each other’s backs.”

mafs recap 8

But there’s one thing that’s not perfect with Nathan and Sheila — Sheila’s lack of “chocolate,” which is MAFS slang for “orgasm.”

During Rachel’s rampage, she stops by Nathan and Sheila’s place to give them some advice on intimacy. She advises Sheila to focus less on having an orgasm and more on “emotionally letting go.” Sheila’s fine with that, but Rachel isn’t content with how “perfect” things are with them. She decides to dig a little deeper, this time into Sheila’s trust issues. Sheila admits that she has had bad relationships in the past.

mafs recap 8

The conversation with Rachel stops there, but Sheila has said enough to prompt Nathan to bring the issue up again later over dinner. Nathan tells her that he wishes she would stop using past relationships to judge his behavior and then asks her if she would trust him if he was alone with women at a bar. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what she says.

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