The couples on Married at First Sight are getting closer and closer to Decision Day, but judging by last week’s epic fight, Sheila and Nate might not even make it there. This week the couple continues to butt heads as Sheila makes more threats about “ending the marriage,” and frankly, we’re about as done with her as Nate is. Recap below!

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Sheila and Nate

sheila nate mafs 15 fight

Sheila is still mad at Nate for a fight they had last week. Although Nate continues to apologize to her, Sheila won’t accept his apology. She tells him they’re just “words” and that she expects action. She then crosses her arms and starts shouting about how she’s ending the marriage. “Marriage OVER!” she screams, like a stubborn five-year-old who’s “over” nap time.

She tells the cameras the reason she’s so upset is because Nate said something derogatory about her past, something she revealed to him in secret. The show never tells us what Nate said, so the entire argument just makes Sheila look insane. Even Nate is like, “Geez, chill.”

Later they have an emergency conference call with Pastor Calvin Roberson who, in his own spritual way, pretty much tells Sheila to get the eff over it already. The next day, the couple meets up again, except this time Nate says he has a “peace offering.” He proceeds to pull this out:

mafs plant wtf

He calls it the “love tree” even though it’s clearly one of those cheap bamboo plants they sell at corner stores. But weirdly enough, it works! They hug it out and Sheila tells him, “I want to be with you forever.” Um, did she forget that she called off the marriage just two seconds ago?

After making up, they both go out to dinner where Nate gives Sheila a warning. “Watch what you say when you’re upset,” he tells her. He then explains that Sheila is too “confident” about Decision Day and he reminds her that she has done a lot of terrible things to him throughout the past seven weeks. Sheila doesn’t look too worried, but honestly, we agree with him. And no, in case you’re wondering, she still hasn’t apologized for calling Nate a “b—h.”

Danielle and Cody

danielle cody friend zone mafs

Because of all the Nate and Sheila drama, Danielle and Cody are pushed into the background in this episode. They go on a weekend trip together, visit a brewery, and….snore. Does anyone care?

However, later in the episode, Cody brings up sex again, which just frustrates Danielle even more. He’s never getting out of that friend zone.

Ashley and Anthony

ashley anthony mafs

Last week they both clashed when Ashley expressed her frustration that Anthony was procrastinating on filling out the application for an apartment. This week things pick up where the fight ended.

Anthony, who hates confrontation, goes over to her to smooth things over and apologizes. Ashley doesn’t understand why signing the apartment application is such a big deal, completely oblivious to the fact that Anthony clearly does not want to live in the same apartment complex as her sister, as you might know. But hey, since Ashley always gets her way anyway, the whole issue is swept under a rug.

Later, the issue comes up again over dinner. Anthony mentions that he doesn’t want Ashley’s sister to have a key to the apartment. Ashley looks up with this face:

ashley anthony mafs

Anthony explains that sometimes he feels like he’s the only one in the relationship who compromises. Ashley did not like hearing that. But before things get out of hand, Anthony backs off and apologizes. See a pattern here? He tells the cameras the reason he dropped the issue was because it was about to “bite him.” Hmm, we don’t see how a relationship can survive with one partner being too afraid to tell the other their true feelings. But maybe Anthony is just too happy he didn’t get stuck with Sheila.

Next week? Decision Day! Well, sort of.

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