Last week on Married at First Sight, the couples all met up with each other to discuss their marriages. Most of the brunch was devoted to Cody and Danielle and how totally in trouble they are, but this week things shift back to Nate and Sheila as they get into yet another explosive argument. Although this time we’re pretty sure they won’t be “making up” immediately afterward. Recap below!

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Sheila and Nate

nate sheila happy mafs

Oh, look how happy they look! Nothing possibly could go wrong. (Not.) At the beginning of the episode, Nate and Sheila meet up with expert Rachel DeAlto to talk about their marriage. Being the IRL troll that she is, she asks them if they’ve said the “L” word to each other yet. They surprisingly say yes! Rachel asks Sheila if it’s because of the “chocolate.” (In past episodes, Sheila has confessed to never having an orgasm, which she nicknames “chocolate.”) Sadly, Sheila says no, she hasn’t tasted chocolate yet.

Later, all hell breaks loose. Unfortunately, the fight isn’t caught on camera, so we have to hear Nate’s side of the story. According to him, Sheila became mad when he ignored her call to finish playing a game of Spades on his phone. What’s with these people fighting over games? Their last explosive fight was over ping-pong.

Anyway, in retaliation, Sheila decided not to let him into the house, even though she knew he didn’t have a key. When he called her to let him in, she ignored her phone. Once he finally got inside, a shouting match ensued. Sheila called Nate a “b—h” and Nate said something derogatory about Sheila’s past.

sheila mad mafs

The fight continues in the bedroom, and now the cameras have finally arrived. Sheila tells Nate that what he said was unforgivable. Nate tells her that she shouldn’t have called him a “b—h.”

“I don’t get it. Where did that come from?” Nate asks her.

“From you acting like a b—h!” Sheila screams back. Yep, she went there.

Sheila accuses Nate of “wounding” their marriage and the next day, she packs her bags, takes her dog, and leaves the house.

nate chocolate mafs

After several days, they decide to meet up at the basketball court to talk things out. However, Sheila’s done with apologies.

“I don’t want to be with someone like you,” she tells Nate. “Now I’m going to end the marriage.”

And yes, all that really happened. So let’s switch to something a little more light-hearted.

Danielle and Cody

These non-lovebirds are still stuck in the friend zone. Probably because Cody says things no 25-year-old adult man should say, like, “I’m ready to have sex right now.” And we’re not making that up. He actually says that in this episode! Danielle is not your prostitute, dude. Judging by her face, she doesn’t look happy about it either.

danielle mafs

Danielle tells the cameras that Cody is “beating a dead horse” with the sex thing. And we think she might be on to something because later she catches Cody literally beating himself (if you know what we mean). He looks like a teenager being caught by his mother.

“I needed guy time,” he tells her. *Cringe*

cody mafs

Later, they decide to take a staycation at the hotel where they got married. They reminisce about things that happened just a few weeks ago and then go outside for drinks where Cody drops this bomb.

danielle cody mafs

“I definitely feel more for you than you do for me.” Well duh, Cody.

Danielle then asks him, on a scale of one to 10, how much does he trust her. He says, “Four.” Ouch. Keep digging that hole, buddy. You’re never getting laid.

Ashley and Anthony

After seeing the state of the other two couples at last week’s brunch, Anthony tells the cameras that he realizes he “got lucky.” Because despite Ashley’s baby craziness, he knows she would never call him a “b—h” or call him “unmanly.” Knowing this, Anthony tells Ashley the next day that he’s fine with living in the same condo building as Ashley’s sister, which Ashley is thrilled about.

ashley anthony mafs

However, they get into an argument later when Ashley asks him why he hasn’t filled out the application for the condo yet. He tells her he didn’t realize there was a deadline. As he starts working on the application, Ashley tells him that she’s ordering some food and asks if he wants any. Anthony screams at her angrily, “What do you want me to do? Want me to do this or do something else?” Ashley tells him not to “talk to her like that” and she gets up and closes the door.

ashley anthony mafs

After the whole Nate vs. Sheila showdown extravaganza, their argument seems like nothing in comparison. We think they’ll be OK for Decision Day.

Speaking of Decision Day, when the f—k is that happening?!

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