It’s getting closer and closer to Decision Day on Married at First Sight, and honestly, we can’t wait. After all, finding out who’s staying married and who’s getting a divorce is the only reason most of us are still watching.

This week the couples have their first ever “couples brunch,” where all three pairs meet up to discuss who’s having sex (everyone) and who’s not (ahem, Cody and Danielle). Recap below.

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Sheila and Nate

Last week they got into a huge argument out on the street as Sheila marched off while a trail of TV producers chased after her. It was all pretty dramatic, with Sheila saying she didn’t want her drama on TV.

This week, she pretty much gets what she wants. Whatever conflict she had between Nate is kept off-camera, and the episode begins with them at the gym pretending like everything is OK. As a viewer, I feel slightly cheated.

nate sheila mafs 13

“I’m feeling a lot of pressure to be perfect on camera,” Sheila reveals to the, well, cameras. We guess we’ll never understand the pressures of marrying a stranger on reality TV because, frankly, we’d never do that.

Danielle and Cody

Cody reveals to Danielle the reason he was in a bad mood last week, and it’s because his mother “isn’t doing well.” That’s fine and all, but he couldn’t have told us that last week? Anyway, Danielle and Cody later go to dinner with Cody’s brother and Danielle’s best friend. As you might remember, Cody’s brother and Danielle’s bestie have been dating since the wedding. What’s even more awkward is that they’re way more intimate than Cody and Danielle.

cody danielle dinner mafs 13

Cody proceeds to spend literally the entire dinner whining about how he and Danielle aren’t on the same level of intimacy.

“I hate the reminders of where we are physically,” Danielle says to the cameras. “It’s not attractive.”

Yeah, being a big whiny baby is generally a turn-off for most women.

Ashley and Anthony

They continue their discussion about Ashley being more adventurous. Anthony tells her that he wishes she would “try” things, and Ashley says that she doesn’t live in a “bubble” and that she likes to pick and choose what she does carefully. They reach some kind of mutual understanding and finish playing cornhole. Yay, cornhole!

anthony ashley mafs

Now that the “social experiment” is winding down, they’re both starting to plan their futures, which includes looking for a new home. Anthony tells the camera that Ashley is too “picky,” but what else is new?

Couples Brunch

For the first time on Married at First Sight, all three couples meet up for brunch to discuss their relationships.

Ashley and Sheila immediately click, with Ashley saying Sheila’s situation with Nate sounded similar to hers with Anthony. Anthony also bonds with Nate, who both keep looking at each other with those, “Our wives are crazy eyes, right?”

cody nate mafs 13

However, the main discussion is mostly focused on poor Danielle and Cody, whose lack of chemistry is extremely obvious to the other couples. Cody suddenly drops the ball that he and Danielle haven’t had sex yet. Nate’s reaction is priceless.

nate face mafs 13

The rest of the participants then give nice-but-kind-of-shady comments to the camera about the fate of Danielle and Cody. Ashley says she doesn’t think they’re going to make it, and Sheila says “sex is a big part of a relationship.”

In fact, during one moment when the wives are talking about whether they’d take their husband’s last names or not, Ashley turns to Danielle and asks if she has taken Cody’s name. Danielle throws her head back, laughs, and screams, “No!”

danielle mafs 13

After a quick chat, the wives and husbands split up — but honestly, all they do is continue to talk about Cody and Danielle. Danielle is realisitc and you can tell she’s already checked out mentally. Cody, though, sounds like a 17-year-old who’s angry that the popular girl won’t go steady with him. For the first time, we’re actually more on Danielle’s side. There’s nothing “manly” about whining about sex. Grow up!

Next week, the couples get closer to Decision Day, but judging by all the fights and arguments, will any of them make it there?

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