Since Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson's engagement announcement, we couldn't help but think about Marjorie Jackson and her life now. The could-of-been Duggar wife made headlines in 2015 when she and Josiah unceremoniously ended their relationship. And they remain the only Duggar courtship to date that hasn't ended with a marriage, which seemed fundamentally (ha) wrong at the time.

Well, not for anyone who isn't a part of the Duggar universe, of course. Many of us are allowed to date more than one person (very often at the same time, thanks to the horrifying reality of dating apps) and moreover, aren't expected to marry the person were with at 17. But the Duggars have a clearcut endgame with courting, so the (seemingly amicable) break-up was unclear and mysterious.

…or not. Because with the timing around the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, it's entirely plausible that Marjorie opted out of being in a very public, drama-filled family. And if you even take a peek at her Instagram — yes, she's allowed an Instagram — it's definitely 20-year-old Marjorie who is thriving. Instead of being another young Duggar bride, she's living a colorful life filled with creative ventures, a college education, and
a lot of macarons.

To begin with, she wrote and illustrated two books.

Neither are that scandalous Josiah tell-all we heard rumors about way back when. Her first book is called Greatest Book You've Never Read which seems to be an extensive, conversational pitch about reading the bible. And then Marjorie published her workbook, Devoted: A Girl's 31-Day Guide to Good Living with a Great God. Sure enough, it targets the Christian teenage girl demographic and features little coloring pages that Marjorie drew herself. In fact, she even has related Devoted t-shirts that are super cute. Marjorie's aesthetic game is pretty on point, and that's partially because…

She's studying graphic design.

And yes, we mean at a real college and everything! She's currently attending John Brown University, a private liberal arts college, and she's involved enough with her education that she even got her own student spotlight. Her drawings and complimentary calligraphy manage to come across as both whimsical and modern. We're here for it.

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You know what's so cool about pomegranates? (*Other than the fact that they're probably the most delicious fruit ever*) In Jewish tradition, pomegranates have around 613 seeds that symbolize the 613 Old Testament commandments. Pomegranates are symbolic of LIFE and LOVE. See that little Hebrew character in the corner? "Chaim" means life. This favorite fruit of mine reminds me of my life verse, John 10:10, and about how abundant, vibrant, and blessed life is when it is spent in a devoted relationship with Christ. Obedience to His Word and following Him daily is a joyful, rejuvenating, and freeing way to live life, rather than begrudgingly checking off a legalistic to-do list because we "have to." Like most worthy things in life, it isn't always easy ~ but knowing Christ intimately is a life worth pursuing til the day we die. An abundant life. A devoted life. A life of forever tasting God's love and craving it even more. #pomegranates #ThingsILearnedinIsrael #lifeverse #screenprinting

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She's traveling the world.

Marjorie looks like she's taken a few fun vacations to New York and Israel, and naturally the receipts are stunning. And sure, sure, the Duggars get their travel on pretty frequently. But you know who didn't have to jet off to Australia with a gigantic family of 19+? This girl.

She even had her first kiss!

Jk, guys. Marjorie's still a good girl. But hey, at least she's having fun and swimming with dolphins.

Overall, she has a very pretty Christian lifestyle blogger vibe going on.

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Hey friends! Hope you had a great day. Me? I had my first day of finals… and LAUNCHED MY SECOND BOOK EVER!!! Devoted is OUT folks, a girl's 31-day guide to good living with a great God!!!! Get it now in the link in my bio!!! // PS… like my shirt? DM me on how to get your own!! PSS… I'm talking about it on the radio tomorrow early morning!! See my previous post!! // PC: @elizabeth_williams13 // #freakingout #launchday #praisetheLord #devo #devoted #devotedthedevotional #devotedthedevo #devotional #book #christian #christiangirl #christianbook #christianmedia #christianteen

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We know you could argue that the Duggar girls have published books, that they get ice cream sundaes, that they sometimes leave the compound. But ultimately, once you become a Duggar wife, you are three minutes later a Duggar mother, and it's all over. Your life becomes all about your family and while there's nothing wrong with that, Marjorie is taking her time before she gets to that stage. And we're pretty sure she wants marriage and motherhood, make no mistake. But it looks as though by taking this path Marjorie, on her own, is actually building a legitimate brand with her beliefs and having a lot of fun doing it.

She is literally drinking an Oreo-topped milkshake in a mason jar, eating macarons, and wearing pants. Tell us that's not a face that says, "Josiah Duggar, who?"

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