We all know by now that the Duggars aren't allowed to be on social media until they're engaged — so, uh, how is Josiah on Instagram? He's the only member of the his family who seems to be allowed to break this rule, and considering the fact that even twin 27-year-olds, Jana and John-David Duggar don't have accounts, that's saying something. So we decided to dig into this little mystery ourselves.

Josiah Duggar got his Instagram account when he and Marjorie Jackson were courting.

He started his account back in April of 2015 — aka when he started courting his then-girlfriend. His (now deleted) first post was a shot of a bumper sticker with the quote, "Evil thrives — when good men do nothing," but it was only a day before he was posting a picture with Marjorie, writing, "I'm so excited to announce that I'm courting Marjorie Jackson!"

So was the Duggar son allowed to start his Instagram simply because he was courting? It would be jumping the gun a little bit on that whole engagement thing — but considering that courting is basically like being engaged to get engaged for the Duggars, it wouldn't really be that crazy. Though Jinger Duggar waited until she was married to Jeremy Vuolo to sign up for the social media site, Jessa Duggar started her Instagram a few months before she got that ring from Ben Seewald. They didn't announce their engagement until August of 2014 and her first Instagram post was in May that year.

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I love you, Darling! 😍 @ben_seewald

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Even then, her handle was Jessa Seewald, not Jessa Duggar — so it was clear an engagement was on the way if it hadn't already happened behind-the-scenes. Jessa and Ben followed through on their courtship to an engagement, marriage, and a family. While Josiah and Marjorie broke things off just a few months later, announcing in August of 2015 that they'd stopped courting weeks before. So why are his accounts still live now in 2017? And not just live, but actively being used. The Duggar son continued posting through December 2015 — and after a nearly two-year-long break, he started it up again this August.

So what gives? Is it just because he's a boy that he's given a little more leniency than the rest of his siblings? Did Jim Bob and Michelle feel bad enough about the fact that he (probably) got dumped that they just let him keep his account? And, for the record, he also has Twitter — though he has 20 tweets total, and they all just link to his Insta photos…

Is Josiah Duggar getting married?

Some fans offer an alternate explanation. In the /r/CountingOn subreddit, some viewers suspected he might've started courting again, which was why he came back online. "Only people who are courting and in a relationship have an Instagram. Maybe Si is courting again? He stopped using it when his last courtship failed," wrote one user. Some fans are hoping that he might be courting Marjorie again specifically, citing that their breakup statement said it was purely a timing issue — and that maybe enough time has passed to try again. (Although, if you're an expert in Duggar timing, you'll also likely realize that the timing of the breakup maybe had less to do with their relationship and more to do with Josh Duggar's scandal.)

And we know now that the 21-year-old Duggar son is courting with 18-year-old Lauren Swanson. But their courtship was only announced at the end of January. Fans speculated they started courting sooner than that, since Lauren traveled with the fam to Australia earlier in the month, but if they'd managed to keep their courtship under wraps for a solid five months, we'd be shocked.

But if Si hasn't been courting since August, what gives? Was he just anticipating getting back in the game? Or, more likely, is it just that he doesn't give a crap about his parents' rules? We know he's flaunted some of the courting rules when it comes to keeping your hands to yourself, after all. And based on this Instagram post, it seems like he's privately FaceTiming with his girlfriend, something we can't imagine is allowed since they're not even allowed to text without keeping their parents in a group chat.

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been a talker. ☺️ But now I love being a listener, too. ❤️ #facetimewiththebest

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Unfortunately, we have to imagine that it's also possible that rules are simply different for boys in this family, unfair as it may be. And it is definitely unfair, considering Jana of all people could use the online access for her design projects. We'll just have to chalk this one up to one of the many Duggar family mysteries, right next to "What does Michelle do all day?" and "How come we never see the Duggars wearing glasses?" Maybe one day we'll have the answers.

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