Now, that’s a dog we’d like to pet! Kate Plus 8 alum Mady Gosselin took to Instagram Thursday, April 23, to share a rare new photo of the family dog Nanuq. The 19-year-old is home from college amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Staying home,” read the sticker she placed on the photo of her white pooch. Her pup looked quite relaxed as she laid in the corner on the cold wood floor — a prime chill spot for all canines!

Courtesy of Mady Gosselin/Instagram

In March, Mady revealed she’s going to be homebound for some time after her university closed. “When you’re home for [six] months because of the coronavirus and you and your mom are going to fight,” she captioned a TikTok video of her in the car with Kate Gosselin.

Since leaving for college in fall 2019, the brunette beauty has been relishing in her newfound freedom. “Kate and Mady are on a lot better terms. Going away to college has actually made them closer,” a source exclusively told In Touch in December 2019. “They love each other, but Mady wouldn’t mind if her mom didn’t comment on her social media posts, only because she wants her own identity,” the insider dished. “She doesn’t want to be associated with the reality show and her parent’s drama.”


The 45-year-old mom of eight seemed to have listened to her daughter, as her social media presence has definitely gone down. In fact, the reality TV star has not posted on Instagram since she shared a kind message to her college-aged twins in October 2019. Although she has eased up, she couldn’t help but gush over one of Mady’s posts in December 2019.

As for Mady, she’s definitely working her way up to influencer status. She often posts beautiful selfies and highlights fun times with her friends on her Story. She is also on the TikTok bandwagon and has made several lighthearted videos with her many siblings while she’s home from school.

Although she may be home, she’s still trying to set herself apart from her family. In mid-April, she clapped back at a fan who asked why all of her siblings weren’t featured in her videos. “We’re individuals,” she responded. “We don’t always do everything together and that includes making TikToks! :)”

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