Saying goodbye? In the latest episode of Little People, Big World, which aired Tuesday, May 5, Amy Roloff revealed that her involvement with the farm’s annual pumpkin season may be coming to an end. Since her divorce from Matt Roloff, 58, the TLC star has felt a “disconnect” toward the farm, especially since deciding to move.  

“There is a possibility this will be my last pumpkin season,” the 55-year-old revealed, referring to the 2019 season that was featured in the episode. “I think how we decide the future of the farm will dictate how involved I will continue to be or not be. If Matt chooses to still continue on with pumpkin season, I’ll choose to be a part of it as best I can.” 

The Roloff matron admitted that moving off the farm has certainly lessened her ambitions to be so heavily involved. “By moving off the farm, the separation of family, and just, I will always feel a disconnect of some sort,” she said.

Amy Roloff Leaving Farm

Unfortunately, Amy missed most of the 2019 pumpkin season on the farm. “I’m not a part of pumpkin season, really, this year, because I’ve got prom and a lot of other things going on,” she said, referencing the adult prom she threw for her and her friends. “But then, I got hit with some really sad news. My mom passed away. It came on a little bit sudden, so I need to fly out to Michigan to be with my family, and attend her memorial service.”

While the circumstances were certainly unfortunate, her family has been very understanding. Matt even admitted that he’s not entirely sure how long he’ll be able to keep doing pumpkin season himself. “Pumpkin season takes a toll on me,” he said. “And every year, it gets a little bit worse. I’m really starting to assess how much physical energy I want to put into things.”

While the end of pumpkin season at Roloff farms seems to be looming, there’s plenty for the LPBW family to look forward to! We dive into that and so much more in our newest “Roloff Report” video. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of Jackson, Lilah, Ember and Bode content to put a smile on your face.

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