It seems 90 Day Fiancé stars Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko are still together… and it's hard to imagine Jorge's sister Lourdes is happy about it! Anfisa and Lourdes have exchanged many harsh words over the years, as we've seen on the TLC reality franchise. And there's no indication these in-laws have reached any sort of ceasefire.

Jorge and his Russian wife met after he happened upon her Facebook profile and started wooing her, even taking her on expensive European vacations. But when Jorge brought Anfisa to the United States, she clashed with Lourdes, Jorge's protective older sister — especially once Lourdes saw Anfisa had been posting provocative photos on Facebook. It wasn't long before Lourdes suspected Anfisa of using Jorge for a green card to start a career in the States. "For her to just move out here and leave everything behind, is she doing it for love, or is she doing it because she wants to do her modeling career?" Lourdes asked TLC's cameras.

Then Lourdes wondered if Anfisa was using him for his bank account. "So, when you have money, that's when she spreads her legs?" Lourdes later asked her brother.

Ultimately, Anfisa didn't make the best impression on Jorge's sis. "I don't know if Anfisa is using my brother," she said. "Normally I'm really good at reading people, but she seemed very cold to me."

A subsequent sit-down didn't go much better for these two women. "You disrespect him, that's what bothers me," Lourdes told Anfisa. "He shouldn't be OK with it. If you disrespect him in front of the family, there will be problems. I see him sad, upset, hurt. That does concern me, and I'm going to say something … He is my brother, and he does work his ass off to give you what you want." (Anfisa hasn't taken Lourdes' allegations lightly, though, calling Lourdes "mean" and "rude" and labeling her a "b—h.")

So far, fans seem to think Lourdes' intent was good, but her execution was off. A reddit user, for example, said Lourdes is "the worst advocate" for him. "Jorge (and the rest of America) knows what he was getting into when he married her," this viewer wrote. "If that was a stupid decision, she needs to take that up with him. With Anfisa, she shouldn't concentrate on the money (which we all know doesn't really exist). She should tell Anfisa she just wants a wife for her brother who loves him and will support him through his career. Once she brings up the gold digger thing, she only distances herself more from her brother and his wife. Her approach was all wrong." Meanwhile, we're just cringing from thinking about what Thanksgivings are like for the Nava family!

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