Fans of TLC's Long Lost Family won't forget the heartbreaking story of Seanne. The 25-year-old woman appeared on the documentary-style show that helps people reconnect with their long-lost biological family members. Season 2 episode 7 — "All the Leaves Fell Off My Family Tree" — told the story of Seanne having an identity crisis after discovering her parents hid the fact that she was adopted. The mom decided to embark on a journey to find her birth mom in order to understand her true lineage.

"Every part of me that I thought was pieced together with the people that I love was shattered all over the floor," she admitted during the episode. "If family can hold a secret that big for that long, then I felt a lack of trust in almost every relationship that I had with everybody else."

She continued to explain that this lack of trust led her down a dark path. "I became a stranger to myself in the sense that I always prepared myself for the worst," she continued. "With friends, with significant others… I've been deeply hurt by all this," she said through tears. "It's causing me to have a lot of hurt and I don't want my child to grow up and see that. I want her to look back and realize she was raised in a very happy household. I need to find my biological mother. I need that closure."

Thankfully, Seanne and her birth mom, Devin, were able to reconnect in an emotional reunion. "When I was pregnant and I found out I was having a little girl… I said 'You know, this little girl is the only biological family member that I will ever know," Seanne revealed to Devin. "I said, 'She is the beginning of my family tree.' She is the only blood relative in my life. And then the search began and here we are."

Fans have continued to support Seanne and Devin through their journey of getting to know each other. One fan shared, "They were lucky to find closure! I pray that Seanna can now get the answers that she is looking for."

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