Things get out of hand at the Little Women: Dallas reunion! Caylea Woodbury and her boyfriend D’Quan Cage are definitely young and in love, and D’Quan decided to take the next step in their relationship by proposing to his lady at his birthday party. But instead of congratulating them, D’Quan’s mother Tori insisted that they were too young to get married and she demanded that Caylea give back the engagement ring to her son. On tonight’s two-hour reunion special, the drama comes to a head when Caylea and Tori nearly come to blows right on the set.

In our exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s reunion, Tori was sitting on the stage telling her side of the story about Caylea and D’Quan’s surprise engagement. But Caylea got extremely upset while watching backstage and she stormed out, ready to confront her future mother-in-law.

“I’m gonna need you to do us all a favor and get off my set,” the 21-year-old said, but Tori was not going to back down. “How about you come make me get off the set?” she asked.

Caylea didn’t waste any words — she immediately reached for an aluminum table from the center of the set and tried to chuck it at Tori, yelling “I swear to God, get off the f–king set!” All of Caylea’s Little Women: Dallas co-stars watched in shock as security guards quickly intervened before Caylea could throw the table at Tori, but Tori continued to taunt Caylea.

“I will leave when I am ready, not because you tell me to,” Tori told her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, and then addressed the show’s host. “I don’t talk to trash because that’s what you are now to me.”

Caylea’s co-stars were shocked again that Tori would says such a thing about her son’s fiancée — and Tori continued to taunt Caylea, daring her to throw the table. Watch the full sneak peek below to see how Caylea reacted, and be sure to tune into tonight’s two-hour Little Women: Dallas reunion special, airing at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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