They’re ready to try again. Nearly one year after Little Women: Dallas star Emily Fernandez and her boyfriend Lontel Johnson lost their son Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr. at just three months old, the couple is ready to try to get pregnant again. But in an exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s season finale, the couple hit a block on the road to parenthood when Emily received some bad news during the procedure.

Emily is using IVF in order to conceive, and she finally reached the step in the process where her doctor can transfer and implant the embryo in her uterus. Emily was awake for the procedure and her doctor assured her that he would tell her everything that he was doing throughout the process — but she almost immediately seemed visibly uncomfortable.

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This man has been in my life for 5 years . He and I have endured so much drama , pains , heatbreak , love and just a world wind of events. Words can't express my feelings for him . No he's not my " boyfiend " yes he's my child father ! Yes he's the love of my life and yes he's my best friend I come home to him and cry in his arms every night about the stress I endure the pain I go through and he has never left my side no matter how hard things get. And I will never leave his side no matter how hard things become. NOONE has to accept what we are or who we are. Lontel makes me safe makes me happy and I trust the fact he will protect me and my daughter and our future kids with his life. Together or not our love is mutual . I will always be on his side and he will always have my back. Accept it for what it is or don't , but either way this man has stepped up and raised my daughter since before she was 2 years old. He spent every day of JJs life in the nicu by our sides. He's my best friend and I will always support him I will always love him. He's a good man weather you wana believe it or not from what you see on TV or on social media . My child loves this man beyond words . And so do I ! He's part of my family and will always be. If you don't life it block me now because I won't tolerate any negative comments on a man I care for very dearly ❤️😘

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“In order to move forward with the procedure, the doctor has to use a metal speculum, but this speculum is not made for little people and this s–t hurts,” Emily explained in her confessional.

The doctor tried to encourage her and make her comfortable during the procedure, but Emily held back tears from the pain she was experiencing. After trying to get the speculum in, the doctor delivered the bad news. “I am very sorry. I need to at least be able to put the speculum and be able to see the cervix. If you’re this uncomfortable like this during the transfer, then we probably shouldn’t do the transfer,” he told Emily. Watch the full sneak peek below to see Emily’s reaction to the bad news.

Emily and her boyfriend experienced a heartbreaking loss in August 2016 after their son died due to complications that he endured both in utero and after his birth — which included seizures, blood around his brain, and loss of vision and hearing. Emily exclusively revealed to In Touch what is was like to go through the loss of a child while being on a reality TV show.

“It was extremely difficult because when he passed away it had not played out yet on the show. People were still coming up to me asking how he was doing and what was going on — because on TV he was still in the hospital recovering and there was definitely a time we never expected anything like that to happen. It was hard, [with] people talking to [me] — and I didn’t want to be rude, but at the same time I would break down,” she explained. “I think any mother would.”

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