Their feud continues! Little Women: Dallas stars Caylea Woodbury and Amanda Loy got into a physical altercation earlier this season, and now they’re using their words instead of their fists. In an exclusive sneak peek for tonight’s episode, Amanda found a way to get back at Caylea — by embarrassing her on the radio during a radio interview while promoting her new music career.

In the clip, Amanda called into Caylea’s interview to explain why she doesn’t think Caylea would be a good role model — and she doesn’t hold back, bringing up Caylea’s past as one of the main reasons.

“I don’t think you are a proper role model in general,” Amanda said. “You may be able to apologize for something at the end of the day, but the fact of the matter is you still don’t know how to control your own anger and that’s not something that would make you a good role model to children.”

“I see what Amanda’s doing, she’s trying to bully me and ruin my new career. F–k that, and f–k her,” Caylea said in her confessional. “You wanna play, Amanda? Let’s play.” Watch the full sneak peek below!

Caylea and Amanda’s feud reached its boiling point earlier in the season. Caylea was upset with Amanda because Amanda is currently dating Cayela’s ex-boyfriend — who was the father of the baby that Caylea miscarried. Amanda didn’t show any type of sympathy to Caylea for what she went through, which made Caylea extremely upset. But Amanda tried to extend an olive branch by attending Caylea’s gig, and Caylea’s first instinct was to attack Amanda when she saw her at the club. Caylea slapped Amanda in the face and the ladies were involved in a brawl before security split them up.

“I don’t regret it,” Caylea told her friend Brichelle Humphrey after she was escorted out of the club. “She said ‘s–t happens’ to me [about] losing a baby.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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