Since the birth of Lindsey Harrison‘s twins — Jackson and Paisley — back in October, the former 16 and Pregnant star has been updating fans on Instagram about their health. After battles with infections and meningitis, these infants have truly been through a lot. And just recently, the former MTV star made a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the medical bills she’s been hit with. And in a post to Instagram, the mom made a sad confession about her baby girl Paisley.

“This morning I was able to hold both of them together for the first time. This was the first interaction they had with each other since they were inside of me,” she captioned a photo of herself holding her twins. “I was also told they are almost certain Paisley will be transported to Houston to be seen by a liver specialist. I am so sad that she has to go clear across the state of Texas. Her case is so complex she needs the best of the best. I’m praying Jackson was able to give her some strength and love that she needed that only he could have given her. This isn’t how any of this is supposed to go. I just want my babies home together. I shouldn’t have to chose which baby to be with in the nicu & or have to leave either in another city. Love them so much hurts. Pray for Paisley please.”

lindsey harrison twins

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The babies have been battling health issues since their premature birth and Lindsey has been openly asking for prayers from fans. Back in November, she revealed that her son was staph & E.Coli-free and her daughter — although it took her longer to kick the infection — had finally come back with a negative blood culture. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean that their worries are behind them just yet.

On Nov. 15, Lindsey revealed that Paisley was still having complications. “They found a blood clot in her main portal,” she wrote. “(They think that’s why the infection lingered so long; it was most likely hiding in it). Doctors are rushing to figure out the exact issues and treatment plans as a liver typically doesn’t start to show signs of failure until 60 days from the day of birth. So they are working promptly to figure everything out before the 60 days so that won’t happen.” She continued, “Paisley’s case is so rare that the infectious disease specialists are writing a story on her to warn doctors around the world, since she may be the only baby in the world that’s had a blood culture remain positive for as long as hers did.”

Lindsey welcomed her babies on Oct. 25 after a particularly tough pregnancy. She shared the exciting news on her private Instagram account at the time. “Yesterday after a 26-hour labor we got to welcome Paisley and Jackson into the world at 29 weeks, four days,” the proud mama wrote. “Jackson — 1:55 p.m., 3.5 pounds, natural birth, Paisley — 2:07 p.m., 2.15 pounds, natural birth. My heart has never been so happy. So incredibly thankful for each and every one of you who prayed for us. God heard everyone’s prayers. So thankful they weighed a lot for their gestational age and are doing great. We have a very long road ahead of us but I know our babies are strong.” Keep fighting, girl!

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