Like any good MTV show, Teen Mom is full of drama, whether it's with Matt and Amber, Maci and Ryan, or any of the other former couples still forced to mingle. But with that drama, comes secrets. And with fans, come eagle-eyed sleuths trying to get a sniff of what’s just for the cameras and what’s really going on. In the /r/TeenMom subreddit, the show’s audience often discusses what they’ve seen aired and what they think doesn’t make the cut. And they’ve got some pretty wild theories about what’s going on behind the scenes. Check it out.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska may not have just met at a gas station.

Their story goes that Cole and Chelsea locked eyes at a gas station and kept checking each other out. Later, Cole found that hottie from the pumps on Twitter and hit her up, where they started talking and grew their relationship. But, uh, does that make sense? How could he find her own Twitter after just seeing her out and about? How would he even know what to look up? Sure, he could’ve just stumbled across her profile if they have any fans in common or if one of her tweets was going viral in their area. But fans think there’s more to this story.

“Cole and Chelsea met on an online dating website not at a gas station,” suspects fan /u/PennyLane93. “Chelsea didn't like the way that sounded for her story so she made something up.” Another fan agreed there was something weird about that Twitter tale: “Yeah there's too many holes in the story.” And even more viewers think, dating app or not, there’s at least something weird going on. “Only way I could imagine is they're both in the store paying for gas or snacks or w/e, then he walks out and sees the film team so he knows he can Google his town and filming,” suggested one, while someone else thought Cole might’ve been straight up cast for the show: “I'm on board with Cole being ‘cast’ somehow. Something is wayyy off about that dude… And the gas station story? Chelsea always tells that story like its [sic] so rehearsed and unnatural. Like how criminals recite false testimonies. Adding in extra details to make it seem more believable.”

All the new boyfriends may have shady motives.

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The idea goes that the boyfriends didn’t just happen to meet their new boos, but that they specifically sought them out so they could get some of the fame and TV money. Considering the fact that they started dating their respective teen moms after the show had been airing for a while, there’s something to that theory. “All the new boyfriends were fangirls of the show and came in with a set agenda for the cash and fame,” wrote viewer /u/bisanti. And everyone who chimed in pretty much agreed that, uh, yeah, duh. “Rumor has it the sky is blue,” wrote one, with another adding, “I've also heard fire is hot.”

Matt Baier is allegedly the shadiest Teen Mom spouse or ex of them all.

Many think that Matt didn’t just woo Amber Portwood in the normal way, but that he lied — like, a lot — to get her to fall for him. And not the normal, “Oh, yeah, I also love watching football,” kind of lies that we all do when we’re trying to snag a new boyfriend or girlfriend. They think his lies were more like, “You’re a reformed addict? I’ve also got a drug problem and only you can help me.” Check out /u/tayaro’s reasoning. “Matt's past as an addict is nothing more than an ‘in’ to get with Amber,” they wrote. “Matt mentioned that he hadn't been sober when he first met Amber, and that set off all kinds of warning bells for me. And I'm thinking wow, that's kinda brilliant. Pretend you're an addict (but a redeemable one) and let Amber ‘guide’ you into sobriety; let her flush your pills and rage at you and give you an ultimatum, and then ‘choose’ her over the drugs. Because that's how much you love her—you choose her over the high. No wonder she's so attached to him. All those women who get with bad men because they think they can ‘fix’ them? In Amber's mind she already did.”

There’s more. The same user also pointed out an interview that Matt’s son told Radar Online that his dad “invented his past as a drug addict… perhaps in an effort to connect with recovering addict Amber, 26, who cleaned up after a prison stint three years ago.” A woman named Judy Cornett also backs that up, claiming he invented a past similar to hers so he could become part of her life.

Farrah Abraham might be in sex work.

Considering that she already agreed to shoot several porn videos, both with a partner and by herself, fans think that this wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. And they’re basing their suspicions off several blind items they read online. According to /u/nvmthebarking_dog’s theory, the reason Farrah is occasionally so outlandish in public and on MTV red carpets is so that she can have more pictures taken and articles written, making her a bigger reality TV name and meaning that she can charge more for her, uh, services. This ties in well with other theories that Simon Saran was allegedly “pimping Farrah out.” And the way she hides her earnings is by laundering it through her several business. Hey — that’s just good business sense.

Kieffer Delp isn’t just gone from the show — allegedly, he was murdered.

Several fans proposed this theory across several different threads, making it all the creepier. They suspect that Nathan Griffith (or also possibly Courtland Rogers) murdered Jenelle Evans' ex Kieffer, and that the reason he still occasionally posts online is that his killer is impersonating him. “I think Nathan murdered Kieffer and buried his body somewhere. Took his phone so he can pop in on Facebook/Twitter once in a while to pretend he's still alive,” wrote /u/snugglemybutt. /u/TeenMomLurker thinks they’ve got a point: “Well a couple of reunions ago Babs did say something along the lines of ‘Nathan chased Kieffer out of the house and we never saw Kieffer again.’”

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