Don't mess with Leah ~Messer!~ The Teen Mom 2 star clapped back at haters online after they questioned her decision to send her daughter to therapy. On last night's brand new episode, the 26-year-old took Aleeah "Gracie" Simms to her first appointment, and it seemed to be beneficial for the eight-year-old. So why are mommy shamers coming out in full force? Watch the video above for all the details.

Last year, Gracie questioned the cause of her sister's genetic condition — and ultimately blamed herself for it. Over the years, the mother-of-three and her ex-husband, Corey Simms, have tried their best to explain twin sister Ali's muscular dystrophy diagnosis to the eight-year-old, but it's understandably difficult to comprehend.

"Is it because I crammed her up? Because I squished her?" Gracie asked, implying that she could have been responsible for her sibling's condition while they were in the womb. Leah quickly stressed that wasn't the case, but rather a "gene mutated." She added, "It had nothing to do with you." When Gracie chimed in that she didn't understand what her mother was referring to, Leah explained, "You'll learn when you get older, but it's not your fault."

Luckily, Ali's condition hasn't slowed her down from doing what she loves — cheerleading! Leah often shares snaps of her twins at competitions, but not everyone thinks it's a smart move. One person wrote on reddit, "Cheerleading is a risky sport in the best of situations. I was literally dropped by two girls when I was about 11 and hit the back of my head so hard I quit forever. And we were all able-bodied and athletic. This is just asinine." Well, we're sure she's not doing backflips and getting thrown in the air, but she can certainly do other aspects of the sport! We're also sure Leah is a great mama. So let them live?

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