Where have you been, Kody Brown? The Sister Wives star is a little less active on social media than some of his wives, so it was a surprise to fans and followers when he tweeted for the first time in almost a month to share some fun photos of himself on an outing with two of his daughters on July 12.

First, the reality star dad shared a shot of his daughters talking among themselves behind him on chairs in a movie theater and wrote, “With two daughters at the movies. I’m not included in the conversation. #thirdwheeldad #leftout #gladmykidsarefriends.” The 50-year-old TV personality then tweeted again after apparently teasing his girls and wrote, “I told them what I tweeted. ‘We’re not leaving you out dad!’ #thirdwheeldad.” In that photo, the TLC star grinned at the camera from the corner of the photo while his daughters Savanah and Breanna smiled behind him.

Breanna is Kody’s daughter with Robyn Brown. He’s actually not biologically her father, but he adopted her and two of her siblings — Dayton and Aurora — after he legally married their mom. He shares Savanah with his second wife, Janelle Brown, along with several other children.

Fans in the Twitter replies were thrilled to see the Sister Wives patriarch spending time with some of his kids. “Enjoy your kids while they [are] young because they grow fast,” one person warned. Another wrote, “I love you and your family BUT even YOU knew you were only the driver, financier, bouncer, protector, and observer of their experience,” which was echoed in another fan who teased, “Hey you’re lucky they let you sit with them 😜😂.” Kody is the father of teenage girls, after all. He’s gotta be careful not to cramp their style!

The last time Kody tweeted, it was to reflect on Father’s Day. He shared a post from the previous year on June 16 of his daughter Aspyn Brown praising him right after her wedding, then wrote in another tweet, “Usually I really manage my expectations on my birthday and Father’s Day. That said, this is turning out to be an incredible day of peace, abundance and bliss. #FathersDay2019.”

He also shared a picture of his youngest daughter, Ariella, in another post that included a list of what he got up to for the holiday and wrote, “Happy Father’s Day! I spent the morning: Meditation [and] prayer. Reflecting in thanksgiving. Writing in journal. Changing a ‘blowout’ diaper. Bathing my sweetie (after diaper). No workout! May all fathers have a great day!” It seems like Kody mostly uses his social media to share updates on his kids these days, and that’s just fine by us!

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