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Long Hair Don’t Care — ‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s Most Cringeworthy Hair Moments

If there's anything Sister Wives' Kody Brown loves more than his four wives, it's his long hair that he stubbornly refuses to cut. In fact, Kody's hair almost has a personality of its own, from the way Kody whips it around when he's having fun or tosses it angrily from side to side when arguing with Meri Brown. Although his hair looked fine during the first few seasons, as Kody has aged, his hair has started to take on a rather limp, scraggly quality to it, prompting many viewers to wonder why he just doesn't cut it already. However, he has said on the show that he keeps his hair long because his wives like it that way. "Every time I talk about cutting it, the wives go nuts," he said during a tell-all episode. "I'm gonna let the wives have the last say."

But Kody's hair obsession is more intense than people think. Back during the earlier seasons, Kody even admitted to getting hair extensions to cover up a botched barber job. And when it came time for a real haircut, he chickened out when the stylist turned on the shears. The stylist then told him that he'll look like a "grandpa surfer" soon if he didn't start cutting his thinning hair. But today, Kody has still held on to all his strands, leaving fans baffled. "I still can't believe four women married Kody, a man who wears Ed Hardy jeans, bracelets, and has feathered receding hair," a fan tweeted. "Kody acts like he’s such a desirable stud. He obviously doesn’t own a mirror that allows him to see his hair," another one added. From looking like Pennywise to even rocking the infamous "man bun," we honestly don't see how his hair can get any worse. Scroll down below for a look back at some of his most cringe-inducing hair moments.

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