Forget that Steve Martin movie — kids are definitely not "cheaper by the dozen." Just ask the eight families of TLC's reality series Kids by the Dozen, some of which had way more than 12 kids. In fact, the Arndts, the Sentmans, the Clarkes, the Jeubs, the Heppners, the Casons, the Gonyas, and the Winterses had a total of 114 kids between them at the time — an average of more than 14 per family!

The show aired in 2007 — a year before the Duggar show formerly known as 17 Kids and Counting premiered — and probably kickstarted TLC viewers' fixation on gigantic fundamentalist families. Since then, Some of the families have gone radio silent, but we've found updates on five of these clans, at least one of which is still in the TV biz. Here's where they are now.

The Arndt Family

Cathy and Rick Arndt of Millstadt, IL, welcomed 14 kids between 1980 and 2003, the oldest of whom is 37 now! They run Safe at Home Ministries, which operates a church, a softball tournament, a podcast (Conversations With Dad) and two online TV shows (FamTeam and Safe at Home).

The Cason Family

Christi and Dave Cason say they still have 18 children but are hoping for 19. According to the most recent blog post, the fam recently attended daughter Kaylee's graduation from Marine Corps boot camp and then surprised her with a cabin vacation.

The Sentman Family

Beth and John Sentman have dropped out of the spotlight entirely, it seems, but a BabyCenter "Large Families" forum user posted a troubling email she received from one Beth Sentman in 2009: "My dear brother died two days ago from a heart attack. He was the most generous and loving human being you could ever meet. He came to my aid many times in my struggles as a young wife and mother and gave me wonderful advice."

The Jeub Family

Since marrying in 1991, Wendy and Chris Jeub have brought 14 kids into the world, and those kids joined the two children Wendy had welcomed previously. These days, the fam still resides in Monument, CO, and provides resources to growing families. Also, we know two of the daughters are married and two others are mothers.

The Heppner Family

This giant fam of Warroad, MN — led by Miriam and DuWayne Heppner — still boasts 16 biological kids and one adopted child, but now they tell Facebook fans they have three daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren. But in July, the family said they celebrated their fifth wedding in the span of one year, so we imagine the in-law count is even higher now.

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